Rocks-Off Luv Massager Review

The kind people over at Rocks-Off, have sent me the ‘Luv’ massager, to review.

Luv is a sensual massager, made from body safe ABS thermoplastic material (white) and has a pink silicone, heart shaped head. This vibe is phthalate/latex free, non-porous and body safe.

As you can see from the photos, the Luv massager comes in a see-through plastic casing, which is ideal to store it in, keeping it dust free and in pristine condition. The plastic casing is hard and not flimsy, making it hard wearing. The packaging is not vulgar in anyway, it’s attractive, inviting, simple but yet effective. Removing the massager, from it’s box, I got the impression that this product would be easy to use. It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, the smooth barreled body of the Luv massager, is inviting and comforting to hold. The heart shaped head, is also smooth, rounded with no sharp edges. The neck of the massager is curved, making it less of a hassle to use, no aching wrists with this little beauty.

On the body of this product, homes 2 buttons, the on (+) and off (-) settings. Turning the massager on, you are introduced to 5 different vibrations. 3 vibration patterns are the same but at different strengths (a general straight forward buzz vibrate) and 2 pulsations that have intervals. I, personally found this massager,on the medium – high scale of powerful.

At the base of the massager, is a cap. Removing this, you are able to slip out the battery holder. This toy takes 4 AAA batteries. Easy to place in and remove.

Added bonus is that this toy is waterproof, making a massage in the bath, a very welcoming habit, after a hard day’s work!

I tested the Luv massager out as an actual massager, to start with. It’s easy to use by yourself, on your neck, legs and arms, the curve in the massager’s head, makes this easier to handle by one’s self. I asked a willing participant to use the massager on my back. We went through all the speeds and we found that you could use the point of the heart shape head, as well as the sides and the flat of the head. This feels amazing, running the point down the sides of your spine, working out all those tense knots. Although my only issue, with using this as a normal massager is that the lowest vibration is strong, I feel it would have worked much better with a lower vibration speed but that is my personal preference.

As a sex toy, this works brilliant on my lady parts. Again, the curve in the Luv’s neck, made this so much easier to use than straight toys. The buttons are placed in an accessible place, meaning I don’t have to interrupt my personal ‘play time’, adjusting speeds. I found the tip of the heart was the best point for me. The speeds and strength of the vibrations, made this, my new favorite personal toy! Adding in a water based lube, made for a more pleasurable experience.

When it comes to cleaning, I found a slight downfall. Around the buttons area, I found it hard to clean, due to the tiny indent in the seaming between the silicone button cover and the plastic of the toy. But I found that using a cotton wool ear-bud, worked that niche away for me.

The Luv Massager retails from around £40.00 GBP. As a luxury toy, I found it to be a good pricing, however, I would personally prefer if it sat around the £30.00 mark, making it more attainable, for others to purchase.

To sum my experience up with the Luv massager, I would say that Rocks-off have a little gem on their hands. Not only can it be used as a sex toy but it doubles up as an every day massager, a 2-in-1 product, I can’t argue with that! If you love magic-wands, I would say that you would enjoy this toy, too. I would highly recommend the Luv massager, to anyone looking for a new addition to their bedroom.