Super Slik Lube Review

The Super Slik Lube is a water based product by Herrco .

This lubricant is non-staining, clear and condom safe. Herrco pride themselves on manufacturing products that are natural, organic and botanical. The ingredients used in the Super Slik Lube are as follows; Aqua, Glycerine BP, Mono propylene, Sodium Methylparaben/Ethylparaben/Propylparaben, Hydroxyethyl, Cellulose, Glycol USP

Super Slik Lubricant


The product comes in a clear/see-through plastic tube, containing 100ml’s of gel. The product packaging writing is in black and white, with the product information laid out on the backside of the tube, with a black shadow picture of a man and a woman embraced. In my opinion this packaging is not vulgar, it is simple, detailed and unassuming. I was impressed that the tube was sealed with tape that had ‘hygienic’ written on it, as well as being wrapped in a cellophane type plastic.

Testing out this intimate lubricant, it feels silky smooth, I did feel that the gel gently warmed up my skin and upon lightly blowing on the lubed up areas, I experienced a cool tingling sensation. This was a very pleasant feeling and very welcoming. Super Slik lube is non-staining, which I would agree with. You will only need to use a small spot of this lubricant, as it spreads out over a fair old space. I did find that if you used slightly too much, the lube did have a habit of slightly clumping up but that is something I found out by accident as I had put way too much on. When using a small dollop, there was no clumping.

250ml Super Slik Lubricant

I found that, even though the product says it is tasteless, there was a vague sweet taste from the gel. Nothing off-putting, it was only a distant taste, not overwhelming at all. Not entirely sure of what the taste was, I could only explain it as tasting a little bit like fresh spring water.

This product RRP’s at £4.99 GBP, which I feel is a fair price for the size and quality of this lubricant.