Tantus Perfect Plug & Perfect Plug Plus Review

These two plugs from Tantus are perfect beginner toys. Haven’t joined the anal revolution yet? This might be the time to do so. These tiny vibrating butt plugs are super gentle and start out small.

Tantus Perfect Plugs are like two peas from a pod. The smallest one just around the size of a finger, and the larger one with a removable vibrator is the size of almost two. They share design, form and function. A great couple for anal beginners, seeing as they are small, flexible yet firm, super smooth, has a long neck and a great wide base that fits nicely between the butt cheeks. They are also made in body safe platinum silicone that is easy to clean and maintain. Because of their similarities I will review them together.

The first thing I notice about these plugs is how incredibly smooth and silky the surface is. This is the surface treatment I love above all, and Tantus did a great job with it again (Look out for my tag #super smooth). Anyone who touches these have a hard time putting them down, I dare you to try it. Second thing is how small and gently tapered they are. Combine this with the smooth surface and you’re set for a super easy insertion. Even though they are small and very light, they do have a small bump for some added stimulation while inserting and removing. When inserted both work as an orgasm enhancer solo and with a partner.

Tantus Perfect Plug

Tantus Perfect Plug is the smaller one, which would be absolutely perfect for beginners. It measures just over 4″ in length with 3.5″ insertable. Max circumference is 2.5″ and just under 1.5″ for the neck. It is particularly swift and easy to insert. After the two slim bumps the anal muscles can relax around the thin neck. It is comfortable and never in the way. The safety base nestles nicely in between the cheeks. And it stays put, no need to worry about it slipping out. It’s so comfortable I can almost forget it is inserted, but with every movement I am reminded that I have something in my butt, which is nice but subtle. Removal is also exceptionally easy. The worst thing I know is having inserted a toy and be afraid to remove it.

It does not provide much fullness, or constant stimulation but that’s not the point. The point is to get comfortable with the feeling of penetration, and that it does well.

Tantus Perfect Plug Plus

The next step up is the slightly more beefy Tantus Perfect Plug Plus. It sports the same design, only with more substance. It has grown to 4 3/4″ in total length with 4″ insertable. The girth is definitely more modest at 4″ maximum and 2 3/4″ minimum.

Sensation wise, the Pure Plug Plus is slightly more noticeable. Not only is the neck wider so that the anal muscles are stretched slightly – but the neck also hold a removable bullet vibrator, ditching the flexibility in favor of versatility. It will take some more time to insert as the muscles get accustomed to the larger girth. Still it feels very comfortable and not overwhelming in any way. This is a plug I can definitely feel in there, and the vibrations add a bit more sensory input. It can feel quite nice, though the vibrations are medium intensity at best and kind of buzzy/superficial. I don’t find myself using the vibrations that much as I enjoy the sensation of simply have something inserted.

One downside with the Perfect Plug Plus aside from the inflexible neck is that the bullet protrudes from the base which makes it awkward to sit down with this inserted. Also, if the vibrator is removed the thin walls of the neck tend to collapse. I’d prefer a solid core like its smaller sibling, but there are other alternatives. With 0.5″ additional girth, Tantus Juice would be a good fit. It also has additional texture for experimentation. Though, you won’t notice it unless you twist it.

Maintenance is easy as these are silicone toys. Warm water and soap after each use will do the trick. Sex toy cleaner can also be used. For thorough cleaning they can be boiled or put in the dishwasher sans vibrator. As for lube, a good water based type would be most suitable.
Tantus Perfect Plugs Overall

The perfect plugs aren’t made to create intense sensations, rather be the perfect tools to get anyone started and to keep things safe and comfortable. They are both gentle and offer a nice starting point. While the vibrations in the Perfect Plug Plus isn’t something to scream to higher powers about, they are included for free and feel decent. It is possible to replace the bullet vibe if you have any other preferences.

These are probably not plugs you will use forever as you may want to upgrade for something with more stimulation. I know I would – but at least they are an affordable way to experiment safely. That’s worth it.