Electrastim Classic Plug Midi Review

This shiny metal beauty comes from the Electrastim range. It’s a basic plug with some nice features. This is a review of the plug along with the electro stimulator Flick EM60.

This nice little butt plug is mirror polished marine-grade aluminum separated by a sheet of laminated clear acrylic. It adds a very nice visual effect, and the transition between the two materials is super smooth! Click the images to enlarge – and you’ll see for yourself.

The Classic butt plug feels very sturdy and durable, and it has a solid weight to it, more so than any similar sized silicone toy. It’s compatible with Electrastim’s Electro kit to provide additional sensations, and because of this it has insulating rubber rings around the base to allow easy handling. These also provide a good grip for lube covered hands.

It measures 4.5″ with 3″ insertable. The circumference is 5″ at the most. It isn’t very large, but it is pretty weighty for its size and it will certainly make a bigger impression than similar plugs in silicone. It is also available in the sizes mini and maxi if this isn’t the right one for you.


The plug looks very much like polished stainless steel, even though it is aluminum. It is just as pretty. I really love how smooth it is, and there are no imperfections at all. Even the acrylic sheet separating the two metal parts are fused seamlessly and this adds a very unusual visual aspect to the toy.

At room temperature the surface of the plug is nice and cool. This is one of metals strong sides aside from the conducting properties; temperature play. It is perfectly capable of cooling you down on a hot summer day by simply soaking it in cold water before use. In the same fashion it can be heated with warm water, but be careful as it retains heat very well and you do not want to burn your butt!

Electrastim Classic Plug

The plug is compatible with any type of lubricant and it doesn’t need much. The surface is so smooth that insertion is always a pleasure but lube is always essential when using anal toys. I’m a bit surprised in how filling this feels even though it’s what I would classify as a small plug. That is probably because of the rigidness and weight of the plug. It has a gradual taper for insertion and one past the widest point, there is no going back. It will slide into place by itself. The slim neck allows the sphincter muscles to relax allowing the plug to be held firmly in place.

I really enjoy the weight of it and the firmness. It makes me very much aware that I have something up my butt, without it being too intrusive or stretch too much. During orgasm it feels great to clench around it, and I have never had the problem of it shooting out of my ass like some toys do.

It doesn’t do much for my prostate, I feel it might be a bit too small to get a proper reach (not that that’s the main purpose of the toy anyway). But the weight alone adds some wonderful feelings to the sex act both alone and with a partner.

With the electro stimulator attached, it gets real fun. You can read a short overview of the stimulator in my review of the ElectraStim Ovid dildo. I had an absolute blast experimenting with this. It turns what is already a great simple metal plug, into something even better. A plug that provides the feeling of deep penetrating vibrations without actually vibrating. It is totally weird but it works. The muscles it comes in contract with contracts with the current and that is causing the vibration effect.

I was a bit worried at first as I tested it in my hand and I zapped myself pretty good. However up the butt with lube it feels like it’s more evenly dispersed creating an overall pleasurable sensation. One thing I noticed while it does feel fabulous, I tend to turn up the strength as I go. Usually I get accustomed to the sensation on one level and the effect weakens a bit until I crank up the power. That’s where all the different patterns come in handy. It definitely keeps things interesting!

The sensations range from light and tingly to sharp and painful on the higher settings. I think the plug is best with the continuous mode, whereas with the silicone dildo Ovid I prefer the pulsations. It really shows how divers el-simulation can be, and I am thrilled!

Please mind, the smaller the surface touching both poles of the sex toy is, the more of a jolt you will feel. Therefore it is a good idea to turn it off before inserting and removing the toy – I speak of experience! In any case though, the insulating rubber rings on the base do a great job of protecting hands against jolts.

The only drawback is that the plug now has two pins coming out of the base, which means it is not possible to sit down with it. I prefer to lie down so it doesn’t bother me too much.

Cleaning & maintenance

The plug is easy to clean with soap and warm water. It can be sanitized with diluted bleach solution or sex toy cleaner. I would avoid any abrasive stuff, including dishwashing with detergent. Also I am unable to find out if the plug can withstand boiling, so I would not recommend that because of the acrylic. It should be stored in a box or pouch to keep the finish blemish free.


The Electrastim packaging is super nice. The plug is secured inside a Styrofoam coffin, if I may call it that, wrapped in a simple yet informative cardboard box. It displays the toy inside and some basic info. This is just how I like it.


It is a great little plug, that makes a statement despite its petite size. It is both visually and physically pleasing. It is easy to insert and comfortable to wear, and great for temperature play – but it will not do anything extraordinary without the electro kit that is bought separately. With the electro stimulator it gets very interesting. Deep penetrating stimulation and a load of different patterns and pulsations make this plug both fun to use, pleasurable and diverse. As a stand alone plug it does what it is supposed to, and I am really impressed with the quality and finish. It is outstanding.

ElectraStim Classic Electro Butt Plug Medium