Bathmate Hydrodouche Review

From the makers of the Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps comes the new Hydrodouche for thorough intimate cleaning the easy way. I have put it to the test.


The Bathmate Hydrodouche is a hygiene product meant to clean out the rectum, leaving you feeling clean and confident. Many people douche before anal sex or using anal sex toys to remove any worries about making a mess, while others chose to douche for health benefits. Personally, I am not a devoted doucher, but I do enjoy it whenever I have the time. Nothing is better than a sparkly clean ass. Just a quick tip though, don’t use it everyday as it may be drying.

The product itself is quite simple. It consists of the Hydromax pump cylinder (without pump and valve), a hose attachment (80″ in length) and a flexible rubber nozzle. It has a plexiglas style holder, which snaps to the cylinder to hold the hose in place when it is not being used, and a strap to fasten it in the shower. Assembly is straight forward and all pieces fit easily together without much trouble.

Bathmate Hydrodouche is a gravity-driven kind of douche. It should hang right under the shower head with the included strap. This fills up the cylinder with water that in turn flows through the hose thanks to gravity. There is a clamp regulator on the hose itself used to limit the flow of water. It can produce a slight trickle or a steady spray, to keep things manageable. The only requirement is that the water chamber is held higher than the nozzle itself.

Bathmate Hydrodouche

The insertable nozzle is very flexible to enable deep cleaning. It is also quite easy to insert, but lubricant is always a good idea. I prefer to just lube up my anus and not the nozzle, because this becomes wet and the lube will just rinse off. Also, it is way easier to maneuver and insert when everything aren’t all slippery.

To my surprise, it is really easy to insert the whole thing. It is pretty long (8.25″ with 2″ in circumference), but does not cause any discomfort worth mentioning. However upon insertion, it feels a bit scratchy. Probably caused by the holes in the tip. The steady stream of warm water is ultra comfortable and does take away some of the hassle with bulb style douches. It can empty the water chamber in a few seconds, and that holds 600 ml. However, I do recommend you use the regulator as the pressure can build up quite quickly leaving you with a feeling that you are going to explode.

Knowing how far in it actually reach and what might come out as a result, I’m not comfortable releasing the water in the shower. So I end up running between the shower and toilet. This kind of deep cleaning is more like an enema than a regular douche. It will not only clean the rectum, but also deeper in the colon. That’s something to keep in mind.

Whether you’d be able to enjoy it comes down to your shower configuration. In my shower, it does not work very well. I do have a huge ass, hand-held shower head that mounts in a holder on the wall. This is not ideal for the Bathmate Hydrodouche, as when I hang it from the shower head, the stream does not align properly, because the douche slides all the way back, towards the wall. If I hang it right under the stream, it becomes far too heavy and both it and the shower head comes tumbling down. This is annoying and I need to hold the Hydrodouche in place to fill it up, then I can leave it alone and start cleaning only to repeat the same process again.

Bathmate Hydrodouche Verdict

While the product itself it great, and simple to use – it just does not work too well in my shower. Clearly that’s not Bathmate’s fault, but something to keep in mind. Made with the same measure of quality I come to expect from Bathmate, it will most certainly last. The only downside besides the shower issue itself, is that the douche is too big and not easy to store in small bathroom cabinets. I prefer not to have it hanging in the shower at all time. And the only improvement I would wish for is a silicone nozzle.