Buying sex toys for your partner

It can be a bit bizarre if somebody approaches you and questions you about adult sex toys in front of your lover, but more people than not have one at home. We all enjoy using them when our companion is away from home and just want some orgasmic fun when we really need it the most. On many instances, individuals like using the adult toys in places where the other lover may not exactly want to explore, a good example is the anus, and it’s not everyone’s choice of stimulation. Nevertheless, you could always astonish your spouse by welcoming them with a sex toy for the times that when you’re not around and times when you are.

When purchasing an adult product for your loved one, you must select it cautiously Keep in mind that it is a good idea to choose a toy that can be used for both of you together. These days, manufacturers have invented toys with numerous designs and features that you may hear of for the first time. Countless people have a sexual need for anal sex but are reluctant to try it out in case of pain or the fear of the unknown. Yet, if you lube your anal area appropriately and start slow and carefully you will not experience any pain and the sensation is enjoyable. The butt plugs are designed exquisitely for this purpose alone.

Sex toys for men and women are accessible in a variety of shapes and sizes, and some also vibrate; you should learn what each toy does first to be able to select the tight toy for you. If your lover experiences a butt plug and also has vibrating features, the sensations will take your partner to places they have never been and it is truly an amazing feeling that you should definitely experience. It is like being in pure ecstasy that is enjoyed by both you and your companion. The strong orgasms that you and your partner can experience through using sex toys is very unique this is why the UK alone spend millions of pounds on adult toys a year

Other than butt plugs, there are products that you can purchase for your lover, which can be worn and enjoyed for a lot of the day. Beginning with vibrating underwear to penis rings, anus beads, and numerous dildos. So if you are new to the world of sex toys have no fear we have something for everyone, for sole play or couples fun.

Can Sex Toys Improve Your Sex Life?

No need for embarrassment

When people get onto the subject of adult sex toys, it can often cause embarrassment or make some people feel uncomfortable. But nowadays sex toys are completely accepted by society and are used more and more by couples and individuals. In fact a healthy sex life including the use of toys when used properly is good for your well-being. It is quite surprising just how many people in the UK are enjoying adult toys in the bedroom to excite and enhance their sex life.

Sexually active couples and individuals who regularly use sex toys report that they see an increase in their sex drive and enjoy orgasms much more than without toys. This is not to say that sex toys should be used all the time during sexual intercourse, a lot of couples enjoy using toys during foreplay before intercourse. One of the popular sex toys are the vibrators. Vibrators are designed to stimulate all parts of the body including the clitoris, vagina, g-spot, anus and nipples depending on which type of vibrator you choose to use.

The Beginners Guide to Sex Toys

The different varieties of vibrators

Realistic vibrators
: These fantastic vibes feel and look just like a male penis. So if you want to get close to the real deal then realistic vibrators should be your choice. You have the option of choosing different sizes in length and girth, and also colour. The shafts of the vibrators are veined and smooth and made from a life-like material giving maximum pleasure.

G-spot vibrators
: The name kind of gives it away, yes these vibrators are designed to stimulate and pleasure the female g-spot. The structure of these vibes has a curved end to perfect reach and probe the g-spot area. If you are like many women and are unable to climax through g-spot stimulation then you may want to check these out, you won’t be disappointed.

Clitoral vibrators
: Now these types of vibrators are hot sellers. Specifically designed to target the clitoris and send vibrations that will end in mind blowing orgasms. There are a huge amount of styles you can choose from for example there are the bullets which fits perfectly in your hand for precise probing or a pant style vibes that gives hand free vibrations to the clitoris area. You can either use such device during solo play or during foreplay with your loved one.

These are just a few of the many varieties of vibrating sex toys on the market, there are many more to explore for both men and women. If you or your partner are looking for something different or to add a little spice into your love making then sex toys may be a great option for you

Beginners Guide to Couples Sex Toys

Lelo sex toys could be the ideal gift

We all love a bit of style and luxury in our life, and this should also apply when choosing our sex toys. If you have not already heard of the brand LELO then you really should. LELO have been in the adult toy industry for 20 years. And within this time they have become the world’s leading designer adult toy brand. Since 2003 LELO have worked hard to introduce a range of products for intimate massage for men and women. The unique designs stand out from the crowd compared to other leading toy manufacturers, and if you have a look you will see why.

LELO currently supply their luxury products to over 40 countries, and they continue to grow each year. The key to their success is the excellence in quality, design and effectiveness in offering incredible sensations and improving sexual experiences.

Our Top Picks

Lelo Ella: The incredible LELO Ella dildo has two individually crafted ends, uniquely designed to reach your G spot with one end and use the other for conventional penetration. Presented in an elegant gift box with manual, been designed for dual use and provides a varied erotic experience. You will be guaranteed total quality when purchasing this sex toy. You wouldn’t expect anything less from LELO. It also comes in a choice of 2 colours. Made from medical grade silicone which feel incredible against the skin but also long lasting which means you get your money worth.

Lelo Luna Beads: Designed to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, to give you more intense sensations during your intimate sessions resulting in explosive orgams everytime. The Luna Bead system gives you two sets of two beads, each differently weighted, allowing you to build up your resistance over time. Insert the balls beads and just enjoy the pleasure whilst working out your pelvic floor muscles. Made with FDA-approved and phthalate-free ABS/ silicone

There really is many reasons to opt for a LELO branded sex toy, and I could go on and on, but you have to experience it to believe it. With so many top reviews from the best-selling adult toy sites like ourselves we can’t all be wrong. So check them out for yourselves.

Lelo Launches A New Line of Luxury Products