Original Body Wand Massager Review

Since seeing a body wand massager in ‘Sex and the City’, I’ve always wanted to get my mitts on one. So when I was contacted by Sex Health UK and asked if I wouldn’t mind reviewing the Original Body Wand on their behalf, of course I jumped at the chance!

The Original Body Wand is a stocky product and you could mistake it for an every day massager and not that of a sex toy. The difference between this product and a normal body wand massager, is that this Original Body Wand has a slender tear drop style body. This gives the user an easier grip on the toy, whilst in use.

Wanachi Pink Body Recharger Rechargeable Wand

It is made from plastic and silicone, it is latex and phthalates free. Although it is non-porous, there are small vent slips that can be found on the back side of this product. When cleaning this wand, ensure you take great care as to not submerge this toy, as it is not water proof. Use a clean clothe and warm soapy water, followed by an anti-bacterial spray or wipe.

The original body wand is mains operated, it has a cable length of 74″ from the plug to the end of the wand. This toy is not water proof, please keep that in mind, I wouldn’t want you experiencing an electrical shock!

The wand’s head is flexible with a smooth rounded top that glides smoothly over your body. On the middle of the toy’s main body, there is a silicone rough sleeve that gives you an easier hold and reduces any slipping from your hands during use.

Wanachi Black Body Recharger Rechargeable Wand

The body wand is operated by a simple sliding switch, located on the shaft of the toy. You can operate it with the simple slip of 1 finger. There is only one type of vibration but by slipping the reel switch, you can go from a mild vibration all the way up to a very strong and intense vibration. Make no mistake, this is not for the faint hearted, when it’s vibrations are in full flow.

Unfortunately, this is not a quiet product and there is a high chance that if you have thin walls, this product will be heard when it is turned on.

The round head of this product sits well in the girlie regions and works wonders as a clitoral stimulator. I did find that I had to use some water-based lubricant to get going, other wise I may have experienced a friction burn or 2! I would advise not to use silicone based lubes with this product.


Body length – 13″
Head length – 2.2″
Head girth – 7.7″
Head width – 2.5″
Handle girth – 6.2″
Handle length – 9.6″
Cable length – 74″

The Body Wand comes in a simple white rectangle box, which displays the product on the front of the box. On the back side of the packaging, you are supplied with the basic information of the toy, how to use it and what it is made from. You are not overwhelmed with information but you are given the information needed. The box is simple, eye catching as the white box seems to make the picture of the wand ‘pop’ out. The box is sturdy enough not to be crunched up in the post and can be used to keep your toy as a storage option.

Bodywand Aqua Silicone Massager Waterproof

When the Original Body Wand arrived, it was packed discreetly, with no information displayed showing that it came from an adult online retailer. It was addressed correctly and arrived within 2 days of being informed that this item had been dispatched.

The only issue I do have with this product is the noise but apart from that, I really can’t complain about this product. Not only is it a clitoral stimulator, it also doubles up as a good massager, especially when it comes to those aches and pains in your back that you can’t reach, when no one else is about. Although it does outweigh many of my own personal sex toys, at a whooping 490g! This product means business and I would defiantly recommend the Original Body Wand to anyone wanting that extra ‘umpth’ during their play time.