Tantus Hank Review

Another dildo from Tantus! It’s slightly on the smaller and realistic dildo side – it is similar to the Tantus Mark O2 but can it surpass the small one with more than just size?

The Tantus Hank is a quirky looking dido. The shape is great, and the size is just right so that anyone could enjoy it, but those balls are odd-looking. Kind of like sun-dried tomatoes and that does not appeal to me very much. The balls are so small and narrow that it does not add to the stability of the toy, rather it can easily wobble from side to side. And the asymmetrical design limits the use when it comes to harnesses for those interested in that.

Tantus Hank

Hank is on the smaller end of the scale being ever so slightly longer and thicker than Tantus Mark, which happens to be one of my favorite small dildos. It measures in at: 6 1/2″ in length, 5 1/4″ insertable with a girth of 5″ – 4 1/2″.

Unlike other realistic looking Tantus dildos this is not made in O2 material. Dual density dildos are squishy on the surface yet rigid on the inside. Compared to those Hank just feels rigid. The head feels completely firm and the shaft feels only slightly softer. It should be the perfect combination for G and P-spot stimulation, but I just don’t feel it. The texture is rough and not at all what I usually expect from Tantus. It feels more like the texture you would find on sturdy plastic stuff like remotes etc. On the positive side, it holds on to lube well – but it still produce more drag than I prefer.

Tantus Hank

Insertion is hassle free as it has the gradually tapered design I like for anal use. And the firm head helps ease the penetration (as it won’t bend out-of-the-way), even though it is the widest point of the toy. My butt is a bit confused as it usually loves this kind of design. Take Tantus Maverick or the Fleshlight Freaks Alien for example. Both offer the same basic tapered shape, and feel great. Stimulation wise, Hank is just ok, it has a few ridges along the shaft but they are very subtle. I just don’t get excited when using this. It is not a bad toy by any means, it’s just feeling subtle with more drag than I crave. And for people who enjoy more or less drag it might be a good fit. For me though, I’d go with Mark for a smaller toy or Adam if I wanted something slightly larger. They both offer the velvety texture I have come to expect from Tantus’ toys, and the awesome squishy heads that I love.

Tantus Hank is easy to clean and maintain with water, soap and sex toy cleaner. For thorough cleaning it can be boiled a few minutes or placed into the dishwasher as any other Tantus toy. It is also seamless, non porous, odor free and completely body safe.

I think Hank could go from ok to great with a pair of nicer wider balls for stability and visual sparkle, topped off with a smoother surface texture with less drag.