Fifty Times Hotter Wrist Cuffs Review

I’m a self proclaimed restraints lover, especially when it comes to my wrists and ankles. The feeling that someone else has control over me, in a sexual nature, drives me nuts!

So, when Ododi asked if I would be happy to review the Rouge Garments Suede Wrist Restraints, from the Fifty Times Hotter range, I jumped at the chance.


Upon receiving this delicious parcel of goodies, I was pleasantly surprised to see that a lot of thought and care had gone into packing these restraints. They came in a shoe-sized box and when opening it up, I was greeted by a present that was wrapped in purple wrapping paper, with a VF stamp on the front and cradled in a bed of congregated cut up card. This not only doubled up as pleasing to the eyes but also as a safety nest of protection, great idea!

I picked up my wrapped up cuffs and proceeded to tear them open like an excited Christmas morning, I couldn’t hold back and I was in awe with what was presented! A pair of suede wrist cuffs, smooth leather on the underside and purple suede on the upper-side. The buckles and link chains are gold plated in color and you can feel the quality of this kinky bondage product.

I was over-excited, I had to try these straight away, which turned out to be a goof-ball moment, when Rouge Garments Suede Wrist Cuffs in PurpleI realized I couldn’t strap them both up myself! So I patiently placed them back in their nest, until later on that evening.

Sending the fella a text of “No ifs or buts, you need to see me tonight! I’ve got something you will enjoy”. He swiftly replied “8pm, be ready!”, so my naughty plan was set in motion.

Getting down to the nitty gritty (or so I thought), Mr M held the cuffs, he even started stroking them. I half expected the cuffs to purr like a contented kitten!

We did this slowly, savoring each moment of being restrained. I have to say that the feel of these restraints is amazing, no seriously, it’s breath taking! The soft leather against my skin, the weight of the material and the linked chains, it’s something that I admired and simply adds to the intensity of the moment.

The double D hook chains have a rotating quick release, which allows you to undo or change positions with ease and I personally feel that the yellow gold color of the chains, adds to the luxurious look. The set I received are purple but you can purchase them in brown suede and black suede too.

It’s not just these wrist cuffs that look perfect, you need to check out the rest of the Rouge Garments collection over on Ododi, absolutely stunning.Rouge Garments Suede Wrist Cuffs in Purple

Each cuff measures as the following:

Length: 10.5″

Width: 1.9″

D rings: 1″

Connecting chain: 9.5″

Straps: 14″

Here is the stinger though, the RRP is £42.50 GBP BUT you are getting a high quality product that will last a life time, with the correct care. You need to feel how amazing these cuffs are, when against your skin and I guarantee that you will agree with me, utter complete perfection! Plus, you will get free P&P shipping, which will take 2-5 working days to reach you. You can select the next working day option, as an added cost. From the day of shipping to reaching me, it took 2 days and that is with the VF standard postage option.

These kinky suede wrist cuffs are a must have, you really do need to try them for yourselves!