The Rocks Off Ruby Glow Review

It’s not often that a sex toy, throws me off my stride. Being that the majority of sex toys are self-explanatory or come with step-by-step guides, they don’t tend to give your brain a ‘Mastermind‘ style work out. However, the Ruby Glow by Rocks Off Ltd did give me a challenge or 4!

The Ruby Glow is a vibrator that was designed by the ever so talented erotic writer Tabitha Rayne (fan girl moment *swoons*) and a collaboration with Rocks Off Ltd (more fan girl swooning). Tabitha wanted a sex toy that she could use, whilst working her magic and felt she had the key formula!


The Ruby Glow looks like it’s in a saddle form, with one end having a large bulbous shape and the other end being rigid shaped. It has a 10 speed/vibration combination and is operated by 2 buttons that can be found on the front end of the Ruby. To use is easy, simply press 1 or both buttons and away you go, to switch off, hold which ever button down for 3 seconds and you’re sorted.

This isn’t like any other normal vibrator, as you sit on it or straddle it, if you will. Which allows you to rock back and forth and enjoy the teasing pleasure the Ruby Glow provides. ruby glow

The bulbous end of the Ruby Glow, sits on your vagina opening and the rigid end, sits against your clitoris. Although the operation method of this product, is rather simple,what did throw me was the buttons. You’d expect the clit end to be operated by the bottom button and the vagina end to be operated by the top button but it’s actually the other way around, which can get a little frustrating, as you are getting use to this vibrator.

The Ruby Glow is made from 100% medically graded silicone, holds no latex, is non-porous and phthalates free. This does make this vibrator 100% body proof, however it is not made to be insert-able and is an external product, only. It is ‘splash proof’ but isn’t waterproof, this makes it easy to wash and you probably could get away with using it in a shower (I wouldn’t advise though) and easy to clean, sadly you can’t enjoy the Ruby Glow in the bath.

ruby glowIt’s operated by 2 AAA batteries, which are included when you purchase the Ruby Glow. This is a little let down for me, as I feel it would be much easier over all, if it was rechargeable but I maybe a little spoiled with thinking this, as I love my rechargeable sex toys.

Rocks Off are renowned for their great quality products for a reasonable price, plus the size is pretty good and this sex toy does deliver all the right seductive tinglings.

As for noise? Well, it’s not the quietest sex toy going, you can hear the rumbles, which will become louder when on a hard surface, like wood. But it’s not going to alert your neighbor, 2 doors down. I feel that if the underside of the Ruby Glow was slightly padded and the battery lid was covered, those rumblings wouldn’t be so bad.

I’m not instantly loving the Ruby Glow, mainly because I like my clitoral stimulation to be hard and fast, this just doesn’t hit that ‘want‘ for me. What it does do, is a damn good effort of teasing, working me up and getting me to that excited point that I’d be ready to jump Mr. Monkey, the moment he entered my home! I have been using the Ruby Glow, during times I’ve been reading erotica or my novels, which does add to that excited tension and does leave me wanting more.

This is a vibrator that was nominated for the Most Innovative Product in the 2016 ETO awards and came second in the Good HouseKeeping ‘s ranking on annual vibrators, not to mention the numerous TV and Magazine Ads.

Maybe the Ruby Glow by Rocks Off is more of a panty tease for me, that’s not to say it wouldn’t work for you. If you like a milder vibration or you just want that tease, whilst reading/writing, then the Ruby Glow is definitely for you!

Rocks Off Ruby Glow Dusk Seated Vibrator