Nexus G-Play trio Review

Here we have a cute lovely set of 3 vibrating butt plugs, that come together as Nexus’s G-Play trio. This is a a brilliant little package for those venturing into anal play or for those who like the smaller side to things.

For those who are not fully aware of Nexus, they are a UK based company that produce and sell adult products with an emphasis on design and good quality.

There are 3 different sized butt plugs; small, medium and large. All of which are operated by a plastic internal and stiff bullet. This bullet detaches from the anal sleeve, giving you two parts to each toy. The base that is attached to the plastic bullet is an oval shape, slim and sturdy.

Nexus GPlay Trio Vibrating Prostate Massagers

The G-play trio are all made from 100% medically graded silicone with an ABS insert. All of which are phthalate-free, body safe and non-porous.

Each butt plug takes 1 battery, the small and medium plug take a AAA battery, where as the large butt plug takes 1 AA battery. All of which are included with the toys.

All 3 anal toys are the exact same curvacious shapes, with an end tip that is especially designed to hit the P/G-spot. They have a flared base which is a slim oval shape, giving the user a more comfortable ride experience.

The products come in a rectangle black box, with an oval see-through plastic window on the front that displays the 3 toys. On the front of the box, you will find the basic information displayed. There is a 1″x1″ circle on the bottom right hand corner of the box, in this circle is a sample of the super-soft silicone that is used to make these toys. I like this advertising ploy and I don’t think I’ve seen that on any other product before. It gives you a sense of what you’re buying without having to break the hygienic sealing on the box.

On the back-side of the box is displayed a little bit on information on all 3 toys, how to use the products, what size batteries they take and some basic care instructions. The box is accessible by opening up the front window of the box. Inside the box, there is a black velvet type material that is covering the molded area of the inside. The 3 toys fit snug into their molded sections, to the left of the products there is a booklet which gives you the general care information in 4 different languages.

Not only is this product packaging sturdy, it is attractive, sleek and classy. Very eye catching in deed, with the added bonus of this box being doubled up as toy storage.

The RRP of the Nexus G-Play is £65.00 GBP, which I think is reasonable for 3 very good quality toys.

When using these prostate massagers, only use a water-based lubricant. I found that I only needed a small splog of lubricant, to slip these little beauts in.

To clean, remove the silicone sleeves and I personally would let the sleeves soak in hot soapy water. The plastic bullet, I would clean with care as it is not water proof but giving it a good scrub down with hot soapy water/anti bacterial wipes or a toy cleaner, would be fine. When cleaning the bullet, make sure you get into the indents, you don’t want to leave any dirty bits there.

The anal plugs come in 3 different colors; pink, purple and red.

The measurements of each toys are;

Small – 3″ x 2.6″
Med – 3.5″ x 3.2″
Large – 4″ x 4.2″

All 3 toys have a good and strong vibration but the large butt plug has a little extra kick with 5 pulsations. To activate the toys, simply press the small ‘on’ button that is situated on the base of the toys. To go through the large plug’s vibrations, press the button once again.

Personally I found each butt plug an enjoyable experience. The ‘small’ size was too small for my liking but I would say that this size would be perfect for anyone who has never used an anal toy before. The medium size plug still didn’t ‘do it for me’ , size wise but I was able to wear it during the day with comfort. As for the large sized plug, well this one suited me just fine. It’s girth was perfect for me, however I would have preferred if it was at least 1″ bigger.

I love the fact that Nexus have made the flared bases a slim oval shape. I’ve always found that the flared square/round bases to be ‘ok’ but always got in the way of full insertion. But these slim-lined oval bases sit perfectly between the bum cheeks with ease. There was none of the usual ‘toy slipping out during use’ issue and as the bases are not bulky, it almost felt like these butt plugs were an every day part of me.

I really can’t fault these 3 anal toys, they do what it says on the box. If you’re a veteran to anal play and like a bigger toy, then I would avoid the Trio G-play but then again, if you are into wearing plugs during the day, then give this set a go. If anything, just to experience the comfort of the slimline oval base. I’m not kidding when I say it sits neatly between the cheeks. If like me, you have a big ass bum, then you can’t see the plug, once inserted, it gives me that extra ‘naughtiness’ feeling.

When Nexus sent me this product to review for them, I was ecstatic. After testing only 1 other vibrating butt plug, I was very keen to try more anal vibrators. Nexus allowed me that opportunity to fulfill a reviewing ‘wish’ of mine.

I found that Nexus’s post and packing was very prompt and discreet and their customer service department to be friendly and helpful. If you are into anal play, then Nexus are the ‘go to’ company.

Nexus GPlay Plus Small Massager