Mangasm Rush & Mangasm Alpha Review

‘Mangasm‘ is a US based company, who have come up with a unique prostate massager sex toy.

Upon arrival, I was greet by a very discreet package, which was addressed correctly and had no markings on it that showed this product came from an adult company. In fact it arrived in 3 days of being informed this review item was on it’s way.


The packaging is simple, basic and far from being labelled vulgar. On the front of the package is the company’s name, with the website address, a very brief description of the toy and the male symbol. The package box is red and black with a greyish style of text in the front and the back. Turning over the box, there is a paragraph informing the consumer about who Mangasm are, what the product does and a run down of instructions on how to use this product.

However, I found the packaging to be very flimsy, easy to crumple, there is a lack of information on the packaging of what the product material is. It doesn’t tell you if the product in non-porous (which is is, so don’t worry), it doesn’t tell you if it contains latex or if it contains phthalates or not.

Mangasm use their own patented material called ‘Pleasure Grip’, the only information I could find about this material is that it is firm enough to be inserted and soft enough for you to move it whilst you contact your anal muscles.

The material has a rubbery feel to it, it’s non-porous and has a rough silicone type feel to it. In use, we both found that you needed a fair old squirt of lubricant to comfortable insert the p-spot toys. As there is a lack of material information available, I would recommend that you only use a water-based lubricant.

The Alpha has 3 bulbous curves to it, the design is said to put a little bit extra pressure on the male’s p-spot. There is a curved section of this toy that has a small rounded ball point on the end. This point sits under the man’s scrotum, adding a little extra outside pressure for a more pleasant surprise. There is a ring on the other end of the toy’s extended slim base, which makes it easy just to pull the toy out after use.

The Rush has a slim/thin base end to it that flares out at the top to sort of resemble a man’s head. There are a couple of small ridges around the top to the toy’s head. Like the Alpha, this also has the ball point that sits under the male’s scrotum and has a quick pulls release ring.

To use, you simply make yourself comfortable and gently slip in the anal product. Once comfortable, start contracting your anal muscles, this will then start the process of both the Alpha and the Rush’s massaging motion against the prostate.

To clean, it’s pretty simple; hot soapy water or a toy cleaner, give it a good rub down with a smooth clothe and jobs a goodun’.

My guinea pig assistant for this review seemed pleased with both toys.

He say’s:

I wasn’t expecting much, to be honest. When we opened both boxes, we were presented with a toy in a seal plastic bag, with no instructions/information leaflets. There is a helpful ‘guide to’ on the back of the box but I would have liked to have seen some sort of information within the package, detailing the product materials etc.

Both toys are an ivory coloration, as the material has a matte finish to it, they did seem to attract bits of dust etc to them.

Right, moving onto the use of them. When she asked me to help her with a male POV, I was only more than happy to do so. Following the box instructions, I made myself comfortable, slipped the toy in and gently stroked my penis. I did find it tricky to keep the ball point on my under carriage, so I didn’t get to experience the ‘full effect’ of what this product promised.

I lent back, relaxed and started squeezing my bum muscles, again not expecting much but WOW, I barely had to touch my penis to gain an orgasm. I’m not the loudest person during intercourse and I’ve only have experience when it comes to pegging with slim lined IMAG2907-1dildos but both these toys, just blew that experience right out the water. They really do work when you contract your anal muscles.

The missus timed me, now I would usually be ashamed if I admitted to cumming within minutes but as I was self pleasuring, both the Rush and the Alpha had be exploding in under 4 minutes from the time I started contracting.

The Rush was an experience, the bulbous head to it didn’t slip in as neatly as the Alpha but that would be expected due to their difference in shapes. I did feel that the Alpha was the better p-spot toy out of the 2, mainly because of the curves that it presents.

I wasn’t impressed with the ball pointed end or the ring, the just got in the way. I can see why you couldn’t have a flared base due to the nature of the toy but I think there could be some redesigning of this part to make it more comfortable.

Both these male sex toy products would do nothing for me, seeing as I’m a woman but I thought I should try them out, as at least I could get an idea of how they felt when inserted. They are comfortable and easily slip in, to remove, just pull on the ring on the end of the product. The ball point nor did the ring end sit in favor with myself. I found them to be a hindrance, as I kept having to readjust them. Although, I do not have a p-spot, I tried contracting and WOW, what a feeling, it’s immense and I am pretty sure many men who are into anal play, would enjoy these little beauties.

The Alpha retails at $54.00 USD ( £34.73 ) and the Rush retails for $56.00 USD ( £34.98). Good prices but for that, I would expect a little bit extra, maybe a trial sachet of lube with the product? The packaging fails in my opinion, it need to be stronger, I would also suggest that the product it’s self is wrapped up in a protective packaging, possibly bubble wrap. The lack of information of what the actual material is, is a bit alarming, how is a consumer to know if they can use this product or not?

I have no qualms with the Mangasm Alpha and Rush in themselves, they are both quirky male sex toys that get the job done with that extra kick. but as I have mentioned before, the packaging could be better and I would suggest more information on Mangasm’s patented material (pleasure grip) is made available. Although my outlook is fairly good for this product, I can’t help but think that the product looks more like a beta tester than the over all finished product. With a few simple adjustments, I feel these products could do a lot better in today’s market.

I would give both these products a full lips rating but as there are some slight over sights, then I feel a 3 lips rating is my over all outcome.