Glassvibrations Short Lover Glass Loveballs Review

The sun reflecting off the glass balls that I was holding firmly in the palm of my hand, I didn’t know if I should be in awe or shock of the size!

Glassvibrations Short Lover Glass Loveballs, come from a Germany company called Glassvibrations.


These Love glass loveballs are not for the faint hearted! The largest glass ball has a girth of 6″, the medium-sized ball 4″ and the small-sized ball 3″. They are joined by a silicone encasing, which measures 9″ from end to end.

The glass is toughened, medically approved, dishwasher safe and hypoallergenic.

These short lover glass loveballs are pretty hefty in weight, dropping them on your foot is not advised!

To use, as the largest ball is 6″ in girth,I figured I would need a little help, so I reached for my bottle of water-based lube and squirted a pump or 2, into the palm of my hands and coated the silicone straps and glass balls. Insertion was easy, to be honest and I loved the feel! These loveballs are good for kegal exercises, considering that they are bigger and heavy! I suppose you could use these loveballs as an anal bead but good luck to you!

The glass is temperature sensitive, so you could place them in a bowl of warm or cold water, or even in the fridge, if you’re into temperature play.

As these loveballs are dishwasher safe, I placed them in my dishwasher to test these and I am proud to say that they passed the test. This makes it a lot easier to keep your loveballs clean and germ free.

The RRP of the Glassvibrations Short Lover Glass Loveballs, sits around the £20.00 GBP mark, this obviously depends on where you purchased them from. I believe that this is a very good price for these loveballs, considering that it is a glass sex toy product.