Masturbation: Unlocking Your Inner Key

May is a celebration, not only is the English weather perking up but it is also Masturbation Month. A month where we shout from the tree tops about our little fondles and saying “it’s ok to love one’s self“.

Growing up as a young teen in the early 90’s, in school there were two topics that cropped up that we found embarrassing to discuss: sex and periods. Both of which are very natural things for a female to experience, albeit sex didn’t come along for a few years after.

Periods came first for me, I was 12 years old and I was in my second week of year 7 (first year of senior school). I was so embarrassed to be out in public, so mum wrote a letter that I had to carry around all day, which excused me from lessons to use the toilet. It didn’t state why but she simply wrote that “due to medical reasons, my daughter has to use the toilet”, pretty much.

But when Aunt Flo started her monthly visits, other body parts started growing, mainly my tits! They grew over night, or so it seemed, and as hard as I may have tried to hide them, my efforts were to no avail. Then came sex educational classes, where we’d sit in the class room all giggling and taking the piss out of the pictures displayed up on the projector screen. Clip 1: This is a woman’s womb, here is here vagina and tissue lining the womb’s wall…….there was no actual education on what to do when cramps hit like a mother fucker or when you bled more than (what felt like) your body’s worth of blood. Nope, just the simple “here is a vagina, a dick and this is what happens when they combine”.

It was enough to keep any sexual activity at bay for a few years, through sheer embarrassment.

Once I hit 16 years of age and left school, boys were turning into young men and quickly I found that I was gaining more and more attention. That’s when sex became an attraction and hit my radar.

Let’s not discuss the years of bad sex and jump forward to the moment I discovered a bit of personal ‘self loving’. By this point, I had never experienced an orgasm and I was becoming frustrated that my friends kept talking about this mysterious BIG O, I was even more frustrated with myself too. I felt that something must have been wrong with me, with my body, were my lady bits broken?

Female Masturbation: A 101

I decided to take a journey into the world of masturbation, I didn’t really know what to do and there wasn’t much out there to read into. The internet wasn’t major and it took half an hour to dial up a connection, also pretty sure I wouldn’t have found anything other than pay4porn and that wasn’t what I was looking for. So I turned to the ever old faithful; More, yes More Magazine. Can you remember their some-what raunchy stories and the ‘Position of the Month’ articles?

And so it began…………..

No one was home, so I took myself off to bed, with some lube, my More magazine, my trusty rabbit vibrator and slowly started stroking in-between my legs. I was half naked and only in my lingerie, which didn’t stay on for long! As I started massaging my clit, ripples of warmth waved throughout my body, I grabbed my breasts and started pinching and twisting my nipples. Hips thrusting into my hand, I imagined being fucked by (a then, interview with a vampire) Brad Pitt, imagination running at full speed and an intensity that felt like a fire ball rising from my tummy to the tip of my lips, I held my breath one last time and then it hit me, out of the blue, my orgasm, she had found me! That yell of joy and relief that had settled me. It had soothed me and I finally felt like a woman, not a girl but a woman.

I had unlocked my inner need and threw away the key!

It’s a strange memory if I am honest, and it really only took me 10 minutes to discover that I could actually cum, there was nothing broken with my body.

Thinking back 17yrs, masturbation and even sex, was a taboo subject to approach but now, it’s everywhere and people happily talk about it with hardly any issues. I love my sexuality and I love making myself cum over and over. I know my body and what buttons to push, which I feel is essential to any man or woman, especially a woman.

How are we supposed to enjoy sex with our partners, if we don’t know our own bodies? The majority of the time we need to direct our men to where our big pink button is. But if we don’t know how to push that button, how are our partners going to do it? Explore, relax and enjoy.

Masturbating is a release for me, especially when I have a tension headache. Pain killers will not get rid of that pounding ache but give me 5 minutes with my Rocks Off 7 speed Bullet or even simply, my fingers and that headache is gone quicker than a British summer.

Masturbation is a pleasure, it is a form of self-expressing and a very normal and natural one at that. Each of our bodies are different and therefore, each person’s masturbation methods are unique to them, just like us all being a unique human being. It is nothing to be ashamed of and encouragement should be given to everyone from young adults to our older generations, to keep ‘it up’. After all, it’s an awarding activity to partake in, there is no shame in celebrating our bodies and becoming more confident and comfortable with who we are.

Our own sexuality should no longer be kept hidden, be proud of your bodies and what they can achieve. We don’t keep our daily hobbies a secret, so why should we keep our sexuality a secret? So, in ode of May being Masturbation month………….here’s to you and your big O.

Female Masturbation Tips for Beginners