Spice Up Your Holidays. Picking The Best Travel Friendly Sex Toys

Going on holiday is the perfect time to reconnect with your partner and spice things up in the bedroom. Packing the right sex toys can take your intimate moments to new heights, no matter where your travels take you.

As a leading adult retailer, we know that choosing the perfect travel companion can be tricky. This guide will walk you through how to pick the most practical and pleasurable sex toys for any getaway.

Why Bring Sex Toys on Holiday?

Holidays are all about leaving the stress of daily life behind. Without work or household responsibilities, you and your partner finally have the freedom to focus only on each other. This is the ideal environment to explore new intimate experiences together.

Bringing thoughtfully chosen sex toys on your trip has many advantages:

  • Reignites Passion: A change of scenery coupled with exciting new bedroom accessories can make you feel like newlyweds again. Toys can help you rediscover each other’s bodies.
  • Encourages Experimentation: The hotel room is the perfect discreet place to try new things and indulge secret fantasies. Toys open up possibilities.
  • Intensifies Orgasms: Vibrators, dildos, cock rings, and more can take your pleasure to the next level. These aids make climaxes stronger and longer-lasting.
  • Alleviates Stress: Great sex floods your body with feel-good hormones that lower anxiety and boost happiness. Starting your holiday with intimacy sets the right tone.
  • Strengthens Bonds: Sharing fresh adventures in the bedroom builds trust, affection, and understanding between partners. These shared experiences create lifelong memories.

Key Factors for Choosing Travel-Friendly Toys

Not all sex toys are suited for travelling. When selecting accessories to pack, keep the following factors in mind:


Focus on compact toys that won’t take up much space in your luggage. Large toys or equipment like sex swings are impractical for most getaways. Look for slim vibrators, pocket-sized sleeves, mini dildos, and bullet toys.


Pick quieter toys that won’t lead to awkward moments with thin hotel walls. Choose vibrators with more muffled buzzing or multiple speed settings. Test toys at home first to check for potential disruptive sounds.


Opt for lightweight toys that don’t require electrical outlets, batteries, or cables. Rechargeable toys with USB charging are convenient. Or choose battery-powered options if the batteries are easy to acquire.


Select nondescript toys that don’t obviously look like sex toys at first glance. Avoid toys in bright colours or phallic shapes. A more subtle bullet vibe or cock ring won’t raise eyebrows at airport security.


When tossed in bags and suitcases, toys risk getting knocked around. Look for higher quality silicone or ABS plastic toys that can handle some bumps and jostling during travel. Avoid jelly rubber or cheap plastics.


Multi-purpose toys allow you to streamline and make the most of limited luggage space. Try a couples vibrator that delivers external and internal stimulation or a prostate massager that also works for vaginas.

Top Sex Toy Recommendations for Travelling

Here are some of our top-rated suggestions for bringing extra excitement on your next vacation:

Bullet Vibrators

These petite, discreet vibrators deliver targeted stimulation. Their compact size makes them perfect for travelling. Some even look like lipsticks or makeup. Bring multiple bullets to enjoy together.

Couples Cock Rings

Designed to fit around a penis and testicles, these constriction rings help men stay harder for longer while also providing vibration. Their stretchy material easily packs down.

Clitoral Stimulators

Small external vibrators designed for the clitoris provide intense stimulation in a tiny package. Choices like the Womaniser or Lelo Sona use suction technology for next-level orgasms.

Finger Vibrators

These mini vibrators slide onto a finger, turning your hands into instruments of pleasure. Use them for clitoral stimulation or prostate massage. They’re highly portable and charge via USB.

Strap-On Harnesses

A harness allows you to strap on a dildo for pegging or same-sex play. Options like the SpareParts harness have minimal straps so it compresses down well.


Don’t forget lube! A good water-based formula like Astroglide or Sliquid will keep things slick. Just put it in a 3 oz bottle to comply with liquid restrictions.

Bondage Gear

Compact bondage accessories like blindfolds, mini floggers, and restraints add erotic excitement. Just focus on less bulky items made from rope, satin, or leather.

Anal Toys

Butt plugs and petite anal beads are perfect for exploring backdoor thrills while away. Seek out bodies made of silicone for easier insertion and cleanup.

Set the Stage for Success

To fully capitalise on your sex toy companions while on holiday, set yourself up for success with these tips:

  • Charge rechargeable toys fully before you leave so they’re ready to go.
  • Pack toys in carry-on luggage rather than checked bags to prevent damage.
  • Remove batteries from toys if storing them for longer than a day to prevent corrosion.
  • Wash toys thoroughly with sex toy cleaner before first use on your trip.
  • Research adult shops at your destination in case you forget anything vital.
  • Schedule some private time in the hotel room before heading out each day.
  • Set the mood with music, candles, sexy games, or erotic stories.
  • Let hotel staff know not to disturb you when you need some intimate time.

Make Your Getaway Unforgettable

Don’t let holiday be just another routine trip. With the right portable sex toys packed, you can infuse your quality time away with new erotic excitement. Follow our tips to discover the perfect accessories to enhance your hotel room rendezvous. Let your inhibitions make passionate memories that will last far beyond any tan lines.