Spice Up Your Holidays. Picking The Best Travel Friendly Sex Toys

The summer holidays are the perfect time of year to show your significant other how you feel about them. Whether you want to purchase jewellery for your girl, or the latest tech gadgets for your guy, you know the standard fare of presents that tend to be given during any gift-giving holiday. But, why can’t you turn your holiday into an opportunity to spice things up? There’s no reason you can’t give your honey a hint about what you’d like to do in the bedroom this holiday season. To do that, you just need to find the right sex shop with the sex toys you’re interested, and go from there.

Still in the earlier stages of dating, but you’d like to show your lover you’re ready to move to the next level of intimacy? Skip the more involved sex toys and go for subtle. Massage oils and lotions can be purchased anywhere, not just sex shops, and will still get the point across subtlety.

If you’re more serious with your significant other, you might want to take time to head over to your local sex shop, or look on an online sex shop for sex toys for couples. Oftentimes, these are slings, wedges, beginner’s bondage kits, or something as simple as a couples vibrator or book of positions. Any one of these can add a little spice to your holiday, and at the same time, give a little nudge if there’s something different you’d like to try. Presents are the perfect time to give your significant other a subtle note that you would like to try something new.

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If you’re past those days of learning what each other likes, and you’re really in a committed relationship, sex toys are a great way to bring back fire where it’s cooled. If you are looking for a way to be spontaneous, sometimes a vibrator or a pair of furry cuffs can be all you need to really stoke those embers and get the fire going again.

As another trick for the season, consider going with your significant other to a sex shop if you have one locally. Or, surf online to your favourite online sex shop and browse for sex toys together. To keep the holiday surprise, you don’t have to decide on anything, but you’d be surprised how much how you find out about your partner’s needs and fantasies when you spend the time to shop together.

Overall, the holidays are the perfect time to pull yourself out of a rut, or to take things to a new level with your partner. Sex toys are a sexy, fun way to do that, and with the right planning, you can find yourself fulfilling fantasies that will make your holiday unforgettable. So, don’t get too hung up on what to get your partner this year: just invest in their desires and your own, and you’ll be thrilled with what the holiday evenings bring.

Enjoy Great Holiday Sex

Whats that vibrating in your luggage?

When it comes to the summer holidays, there’s nothing more fun than taking a look through the toy collection you or your significant other owns. Sex toys are a fun way to spice up your holiday, and you can always use the right addition to any collection. Two of those necessary components to a good toy collection are vibrators and rabbit vibrators. Even if you own a dildo or foreplay accessories, it always pays to have a good, solid, reliable vibrator that has the most versatility of any toy you can find.

Vibrators have a variety of designs, and therefore, a variety of functions. Some vibrators are built as personal massagers, so they’re not really designed for any sort of insertion or tight precision, but rather produce strong vibrations that are meant to help relax muscles. These oftentimes can be innocuous in appearance, so they’re always fun to give as gifts to friends who will enjoy the humor, or are good for those out there with stressful jobs that just want to be able to relax on the couch after work without a trip to the bedroom first to pick up a adult toy.

Other vibrators are actually dildos that vibrate, which have a clear purpose and come in a variety of materials, shapes and with varying speeds and intensity. These style vibrators make the word versatile a reality and are a must for your home collection. During the holidays, these will have the widest selection and ensure that you won’t have to worry about anything being sold out even if you’re having to buy fairly last minute.

One of the more popular and daunting vibrator types are rabbit vibrators, but they are also one of the highest quality and uniquely talented toys you’ll ever purchase. Rabbit vibrators utilize a standard design that has a shaft that vibrates and rotates using smooth beads to give a unique texture. On top of that, there are “rabbit ears” strategically located for clitoral stimulation, as they vibrate along with the rest of the toy. All of this movement is conveniently controlled by buttons along the bottom of the toy. These rabbit vibrators took the world by storm in the 1990s, and as such, have had plenty of time to be perfected. Rabbit vibrators are quite affordable, and come in a wide selection now, with different materials and sizes available.

Rabbit vibrators are certainly going to be more expensive than your most “traditional” vibrators available on the market, but they are an investment with multi-functionality, making it well worth the price you pay. All vibrators are great toys for solo or partner play, it all depends on what your needs are. For partner play, the rabbit vibrator is great for bringing new sensations to your significant other.

This holiday season, take a look through the toy collection and see what might be the best gift for you or your partner. A vibrator might just be what you need, and if that’s the case, the possibilities are endless.

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