What Sex Toys are Perfectly Suited to YOU?

There are a lot of choices in today’s market for sex toys and it can be confusing, especially if you are not sure if you would like the flow of something.

It’s much easier to visit a high street store and check out the goodies but then, do the shop assistants know exactly what does what and the materials a sex toy is made from? Unfortunately, many shop assistants aren’t fully knowledgeable in this aspect. This is where sex toy bloggers and reviewers come into play. Reading online reviews, as long as they are honest, is a good indicator that a product can be suited to you but still, some people are left wondering “what do I do with it”.

If you are new to using sex toys or venturing into different areas, like pegging or anal play, then you may be able to find classes that can help you along the way. For example our guides provide instructional lessons for single people and couples, in a setting that is relaxing and not domineering and leaving you feeling confident to go away and try out your new techniques with confidence.

There are a wide variety of sex toys to select from; the realistic, vibrating, shapes, glass, stone,silicone, bullets, dildos, butt plugs, cock rings and much much more. Hopefully by the time you have read through my post, it might be a little clearer as to what is best suited for you.

Over my time of being a sex toy reviewer, I have picked up nifty hints and tips from the more seasoned reviewer, that has helped me out and educated me more on the health of our sex toys and bodies.

There is a big issue with sex toys that reviewers tend to hit the wall with and that is the materials that are used.

Below is a list of products that you must look out for;

100 % silicone
Wood – as long as it is specially treated
Borosilicate glass
Medically graded pigments
ABS Plastic
Non – Porous
Non – Latex
Phthalates free

Materials to avoid;

Sili – gel – this is an additive of PVC and can cause reactions
Rubber – with no further details as to what kind, it’s usually a jelly rubber
Mixed Plastic/Silicone

So why all the ‘avoid’ and materials to look out for. Well, it boils down to what is body safe and what is not. Jelly/PVC/Rubber/PVC etc, can contain bad chemicals in them, that you really don’t want to be inserting into your body. Porous basically means it has little holes/pores in them and is an absorbent material, that you can’t really clean out and end up storing bacteria in and then can eventually cause your ‘down below’, germ issues.

Sex Toy Materials 101

You can’t share porous sex toys and if you do have them in your bedroom draws, then it is ALWAYS advised to use a condom with them, especially with you are inserting them into your body (vagina and anal). Even cleaning a porous sex toy and using an antibacterial spray, will not kill any bacteria that has formed within the product. It is said that the only way that you can really clean a product like this, is to boil it or place in the dishwasher but still, cleaning that intense, can cause damage to your sex toy.

Let’s talk chemicals; Phthalates (thal-ates) are a plasticizers chemical that is added to a product/sex toy to make it more flexible. Phthalates have been designated as ‘Possible Human Carcinogens’, which have caused allergic reactions, burns and even some bad healthcare cases in the past. Basically, steer clear of any product containing Phthalates, you’ll be saving yourself money, in the long run and possibly your health.

Unfortunately, the sex toy world is a double-edged sword. It is not a regulated area and therefore some products can be labelled ‘Non Porous’, when in-fact they are not. It’s always good to discuss this issue with chemicals and such, with informative sex toy and adult product reviewers.

Now moving onto the positive side to sex toys; Natural materials seem to be heading up the adult market, in the last couple of years. I have seen wooden dildos rising, stone dildos, glass and pure silicone. All of these are materials that contain no toxic materials that will harm the human body and all are non-porous, holding no latex or phthalates.

ABS Plastic can be hit and miss, mainly hit but you need to double check if there are any other materials involved.

As you are paying for a better quality and body safe sex toy, the price rises dramatically. But you can purchase a body safe sex toy for as little as £15 GBP and up to possibly £200 GBP, in some cases. But do be aware that some well known names, simply aren’t supplying good quality and we see this alot with silicone products. Although, 100% medically graded silicone is fabulous, sometimes you do get the odd terrible design coming through the seams. Again, this is all down to trial and error, it doesn’t mean that they are bad for you, it just means you should invest in a sex toy that will do it’s job and keep you on your toes.

There are some companies that are hitting the ball out of the park with their unique designs. A few of these companies that I personally like and use are we-vibe, LELO, Rocks Off, BS Atelier, Sh! Womens Emporium, L’amourose and Tantus.

Now on to sex toys, the better part of what is out there!

I am a stickler for a good bullet vibrator, you can do a multitude of kinky acts with a good bullet, plus you can slip it into your purse and no one will know. I would suggest the Rocks Off RO 80mm 7 speed bullet. It’s affordable, discreet and has a mighty kick to it. This bullet is a clitoral teaser but it can be used to tease your man’s penis and balls, even throw in a bit of nipple play, into the games. The RO 80mm 7 speed bullet as a general RRP of £11.99 GBP but if you search on google, you may find this vibrator for as little as £7.99 GBP.

Every woman needs a decent vibrator in their bedside draw. I’m personally not a fan of the general ‘rabbit’ vibrator, I just find them awkward, especially when the ears are jabbing at my clitoris like a hungry animal! A new vibrator has come onto the market and one that has pretty much made me forget about the 100’s of other vibrators I have in my naughty storage. It is called the L’amourose Rosa Rouge and it is a stunning sex toy to behold. It’s vibrations are ground breaking and for ones, gave me that tremendous toe curling experience, with a lot of ease. It is VERY flexible and has a warming notion to it, which really helps stimulate the blood flow to all the right places! OK, so the price is a little heart stopping at an RRP of £169.00 GBP BUT (stay with me), it is designed to hit the G-spot and it damn well does! It is pretty much a dual vibrator that you can use on the clitoris, inside the vagina and is still a decent size to be used anal. It is rechargeable, having a longer shelf life than battery operated sex toys and is good for the environment.

Understanding Sex Toys

Are you looking for a cock ring? One that actually works and is gimmick free? Then look no further, the Pulse by Hot Octopus, is all you need! OK, it’s like a hybrid cock ring, more like a vibrator for the penis but it is one of godlike orgasmic altitude. Many men and their partners are raving about the Pulse, that I had to try this out myself and I have to say Brave to Hot Octopus, you have come up with AL-grande design of the 21st century!

Basically the pulse is a mixture of many things; massaging wedges on the inside, oscillator pulses and vibrations. It can be worn during sex or on it’s own for that special ‘man time’. It does come with the RRP of £70.00 GBP but again, you are paying for a high quality product that really does hit that spot!

Getting into the thick of it with sex toys, let’s talk about anal products. Tantus have thrown out some spectacular anal play toys and one of them is that of the Tantus A Bomb. It isn’t for the faint heart, so would be more suited to a more weathered anal lover. It is made form 100% silicone, which is harder than usual and is body safe. I’ve tried this out myself and can say it packs a punch and definitely a butt plug that is a keeper. You are looking at an RRP of £45.00 GBP but search about online retailers, as you can get some good deals out there.
The Aneros Eupho Syn, is a prostate massager that is doing well in the sex toy market.

It is long, slim and fits perfectly into the anal passage. It works with your body, so when you are using it, you need to squeeze those toned butt cheeks and it will bring you to your peek within minutes! The RRP of the Aneros is around the RRP mark of £35.00 GBP but a good all rounder anal toy for the gents, out there.


Prostate massagers are the next line of business. Who says women need to have all the fun with vibrators? As a beginner, Stepping into the anal play side of sex, I really would suggest the Rocks Off Naughty Boy prostate massager. It is curved, to fit with ease on the perineal and massages this area, whilst the curved end slips nicely into the anal area. With the Rocks Off Naughty Boy, you will get a RO 80mm 7 speed bullet,pretty much means two toys in one but remember to keep these very clean, before and after each use. The RRP of the Rocks Off Naughty boy is around £49.99 GBP but there are deals out there on the internet, where you can purchase this slightly cheaper than stated.

Your collection isn’t complete without a dildo or two. This is an area, where I can become overwhelmed, as there are so many choices to select from! But I shall tell you of a couple, that I really do like. First off, the BS Atelier Alex Heart dildo; This is a hand crafted dildo, 100% medically graded silicone product and is perfect, if you like the slimmer type. It is curved and hits the female G-spot, like a walk in the park. It does have an RRP of £55.00 GBP but it is hand crafted and that of high quality. Basically, every BS dildo is slightly different, making it unique to whoever purchases it. plus the Alex Heart is harness compatible and is perfect, if you are into pegging.

My second favorite dildo comes from a UK company called Babes and Horny, who make hand crafted and unique styled dildos. My favorite is that of the Ava, she is 18cm’s in length and fits perfectly, where-ever that you would like to put her. You will be looking to pay £50.00 GBP for a beauty such as this but don’t threat. You can choose the colour and pattern of your dildo and if you take a liking to any other shape or size, chuck that in too.

Never thought that buying a sex toy could be confusing? Unfortunately, it is but once you understand the general criteria and what you are looking for, it’s a breeze.

The Beginners Guide to Sex Toys