Give Lube review

‘Give Lube’ is a Bristol (UK) based company, who are up and coming in the sex lubricant industry.

They supply water-based and silicone based lubes, in 3 different sizes; Mini (30ml), Midi (100ml) and Maxi (250ml).

The packaging is black, slick and eye catching with the big blue circle on the middle-front of the bottle. The product clearly states that it is a premium aqua gel.

Give lube have made this water-based product, skin & body safe with added benefits of having aloe vera extracts. I suffer from eczema, so to find a product that is paraban and glycerin, is an extra bonus!

Give Lube clearly states on it’s packaging, the following information;

With Aloe Vera
Toys & condom safe
pH – optimised
For him/her

Testing this lubricant out, I was pretty impressed at how smooth it felt and how clear the gel is. Being water-based, there is barely any stickiness to the liquid. It also surprised me how naturally chilled the gel is, making an added bonus of experiencing extra sensitivity.

Give lube boasts that the aqua-based lubricant is scent free, however, it has a strange but mild smell to it, which I would assume was a mixture between the Aloe Vera and other added ingredients. Tasting the lubricant was not at all pleasant, it tastes strong and if I’m honest, tastes horrid.

The mild smell does disappear, once the lube is rubbed into the skin.

With other big brand lubes, I have found that although they claim to be non-stick, they tend to eventually have a sticky feeling to them. But with Give Lube, I found that the ‘aftermath’ of the gel, was barely noticeable.

I was sent a Mini and a maxi bottle of lubetube to test out, by givelube. The Mini tube is fantastic to slip into your bag for that ‘being caught off guard’ moment, even though it’s 30ml sized tube, the gel does last a very long time. I’ve tested the Mini tube out 7 times and still have half a bottle left. A little squirt of lubetube gel, does go a long way!

Givelube’s website lists the pricing as £3.95 RRP GBP, which I think is a fair price for the Mini tube, considering it is skin-safe, dermatologically tested and the bonus that 30ml’s of gel lasts a fair amount of time.

This lubricant is safe to use with sex toys and condoms, which is always an added bonus, in my eyes.
On the back of the tube, it gives adequate warning that it should be used within 12 months of opening and that it has a shelf life of 30 months. I have found that some other labelled lubes, have not made this warning notice, legibility clear as Givelube have done.

Over all, the only issue I have with the Lubetube aqua-gel is the taste, if it didn’t taste chemically, it would be, in my opinion, the top lubricant to beat! I would suggest to Givelube to possibly think about making this lubricant in different flavors, to make it more enjoyable. Apart from this little niche, I have enjoyed experimenting with Lubetube aqua-gel.