Tenga 3D Zen Review

The Tenga 3D Zen is something like a hybrid between the Tenga Eggs and the larger Tenga range of products. It is a surprisingly pleasing toy in many ways. I will get back to that after the jump.


The toy comes packed in a sturdy plastic cylinder with a clear top part. The quality of the packaging is top-notch and really sturdy. Almost up there with the old Fleshlight and Fleshjack Tins although being plastic. The toy itself rests on a black pedestal secured by a pole running through the toy. This is perfect storage for both travel and after-use drying.

On that travel note I would however like to see a snap-close mechanism for the top part, as it could easily crack open as it is. Use tape to keep it shut. The toy itself was surprisingly small – but it is really nice looking with the surface of the toy covered in zen garden like ripples. Also, the clear white color is like a fresh breath in sex toy land. It looks simply amazing. A very elegant toy I must say.

Included is a generous sachet of Tenga’s own Hole Lotion Real (7ml) and instructions with illustrations.

Like mentioned above, the materials of the packaging is top-notch. The same is also true about the toy itself. It is beautifully crafted with the white texture it’s proudly showing off.

It is very soft and velvety with not much drag at all. The material is also antibacterial which is great for this kind of product. It does get a bit sticky after plenty of use, but it is not a major problem aside from it picking up some lint. A quick powdering, as with other soft toy fixes this issue. It has a faint silicone like smell and it does not taste anything in particular (for when you wanted to eat it).

It seems that the choice of materials are well though out and that it should be lasting. Although it is fairly slim and stretches allot during use – it can break if you play to hard with it.

The only negative is some air bubbles in the texture and at the very top of the toy it looks like it is coming apart almost like it is dissolving where all the ripples combine. This might be a defect with mine. None of this impact the toy itself negatively. It is purely cosmetic.

Tenga 3d Zen Texture

This is fun. The design makes it so you turn the whole sleeve inside out to get the texture on the inside. Then you fill it with some lube, squeeze to distribute and off you go! The sleeve is closed in one end so it keeps lube and other fluids in place.

I have to say this toy is super intense! The ripples are quite firm so you feel the texture all the way. It should prove to work very well as a stamina training unit… If it for some reason feels like too much you can also use it with the texture on the outside for a completely smooth and soft experience.

Even though the size is small, it stretches to fit almost any size without the risk of breaking like the eggs. It does have its limits so don’t take it too far. You really don’t have to dive in there with everything, stimulation around the head is more than enough. You can squeeze it for additional pressure and pleasure, you can make vacuum or keep some air inside it for a softer experience. It is overall very pleasant to use, and the attention to detail in the construction gives it a little extra. The added benefit from being able to reverse it is great for variation.

Tenga 3D Zen ReversibleTenga 3D Zen Reversed

This mens sex toy is the most enjoyable to clean of all the toys I have. Simply turn it inside out after use, rinse under hot water and rub a bit with your hands to clean the texture. You should not use any soap as it could ruin the material. After rinsing simply pat dry with a towel on both sides and place it on its pedestal to dry completely. This way it is completely dry in half a day and you can place the top cap back on for storage. Quick and easy.
The antibacterial material makes sure that it does not get infected with those nasty little bugs and keeps your genitalia happy. Perfect!

I would definitely buy this again if it ever got lost or broken – and I need to try the different versions. As the texture is very apparent during use, I am sure each delivers a new experience.
Plus for material, packaging, color, two-way use, ease of use and cleaning.
Minus for the mentioned tear and air bubbles on the edges of the toy.

At this price you get a great deal for your money.

Tenga 3D Zen Masturbator