Electrastim Ovid Review

The Ovid is a nicely shaped black silicone dildo with a hidden secret. It attaches to ElectraStim’s electro stimulator to send jolts directly into the prostate. At first I had a hard time believing that silicone would actually conduct electricity. But all doubt was vanquished when I connected everything and turned it on while it was up my butt.

ElectraStim Flick EM60-E Electro Stimulation Pack

The Ovid is best coupled with a electro stimulator, just like the ElectraStim Flick EM60. It is an additional expense but it will truly add life to your ElectraStim toys. It comes in different bundles with the EM60-E being the most affordable one available in our Electro & Medical Fetish range.


The stimulator comes with a pouch, cables for two unipolar toys or one bipolar, a short USB charging cable and four square ElectraPads (sticky electrodes). It is all presented in a nice sturdy black cardboard box which is both discreet and practical as it fits everything without having to actually fit things into place.

The EM60 is a rechargeable device which I absolutely approve of. Battery life is very good and it should allow for a few hours of usage from one charge. It is a fairly simple device, and it is sturdy yet very light. The backplate has some kind of matte rubber coating and the bezel is black nickel – be aware if you are sensitive to that stuff. The buttons are self-explanatory and you may control both intensity and pattern. I love that it turns off with one click of the power button – just in case things get a little too intense.

Another interesting function is the flick part of the device. It’s actually motion sensing and if you flick the device it will respond with a sudden jolt corresponding with the force of the flick. It all works very well and the device seems is well thought out. However this alone won’t get you very far. You can always use the sticky pads on various parts of the body, but they are not reusable and I feel the effect wasn’t too great. However when coupled with a metal plug or a special silicone massager things really start to heat up.


Electrastim Ovid Dildo

The Ovid dildo is a bipolar dildo, which means it has two poles or conductive areas, and for it to work the circuit must completed. This hapens when skin (or other conductive materials) touches both poles enabling the current to flow. The conductive parts of the toy are on either side of the toy, running from the tip until the end of the middle bulge. It is made of a velvety and firm but reasonably flexible silicone. Medical grade silicone, no less. It has two pronounced bumps and a finger loop for easy maneuverability.

It measures 7″ (~18cm) in length, 5″ (~13cm) of which are usable and the girth is between 4.3″ (11cm) – 4.5″ (11.5cm).

The surface of the toy has very little drag and it holds on to lubricant quite well. Be aware that it works best with water based lubricant as silicone lube works as an insulator and will break the circuit for some reason. Hybrid lubes are ok, but it reduces the intensity a bit.

The finger loop makes me think that this is a toy meant for thrusting. And it is sturdy enough to be used quite vigorously but I actually prefer to just leave it in my butt while I relax and enjoy the sensation.

So does it feel any good? YES! To be honest I was a skeptic, and it feels intense almost sharp in my hands (the jolts that is). But because of the large conductive areas, when it’s used anally the electricity gets delivered so evenly it truly is a pleasure. It starts out real gentle and I have to crank up the intensity well past midway to really get going.

The pulsations are my favourite part, they feel incredible. It is a bit hard to explain just how it feels but it is absolutely fantastic! With each electric jolt the muscles involuntarily tense and push the dildo. It feels like very deep penetrating vibrations of some kind but can also be light and tingly. It is an absolute joy to use. Orgasms are long-lasting and explosive combined with this! It is a perfect tool for longer sessions and build ups, and it might even be possible to achieve a hands free orgasm with this amazing sex toy.


Keep in mind that the intensity of the current gets proportionally stronger the less you are in contact with the two conductive elements. Halfway inserted it feels a lot more intense than fully inserted. And likewise clenching your hand around it feels less intense than completing the circuit with just one or two fingers.


Electro stimulation while at first it may seem a bit scary – it is actually one of the greatest things I have experienced in the land of sex toys. It offers a unique sensation which rocks my core in just the right way. It is not painful like I feared, if used correctly that is. It’s super easy to maintain and use, as with any other silicone toy and very versatile.

The kits are a bit pricey but I would definitely recommend ElectraStim if you have any interest in el-stimulation. Their product quality are great and they have different styles of simulators in both silicone and aluminum. Be sure to check out my thoughts on the Classic Plug Midi.

And I can really stand by the quality of these products and the pleasure they can produce. Personally this is just the start of my experience with electro stimulation and I can’t wait to try more.

ElectraStim Silicone Noir Ovid Electro GSpot Dildo