System JO H2O Flavored Candy Shop Lubricants Review

Have I mentioned how much I love blowjobs recently?

If not then allow me reiterate; I absolutely adore them. There’s something exquisite about being able to sample someone on such an oral level. To taste them, smell them ,and take them all in from a point that is usually reserved for expression and for savouring the moment.

The same can be said about cunnilingus, where you’re literally diving deep in to the finer elements for your partner, as you nuzzle your face in to their areas of pleasure and discover their body anew with the finer manipulation of your tongue.

I know I savour a good blowjob and I also like a treat. Which is why I adore flavoured lubricants.

But I’m also particular. because I like blowjobs so much I don’t like anything ruining my fun. That’s like going to a restaurant and then having a really crappy meal. It’s just annoying in every way possible and not something that I’m willing to entertain.

So you can bet that I put the new System Jo Candy Shop lubricants through an extensive test in order to determine their viability.

Were they a five star experience or one that I’d ask for a refund on?

Read on to find out.

The System JO H2O Flavored Candy Shop Lubricants

The System JO H2O Flavored Candy Shop Lubricants are a series of lubricants intended to bring the candy shop to the bedroom.

The flavors are all candy based and you can get some truly mouth watering selections.

Three delicious flavors to choose from.

I was personally treated by System Jo to Butterscotch, Cotton Candy (or Candy Floss, as it’s known in the UK), and Bubblegum.

The System JO H2O Flavored Candy Shop Lubricants are water-based, which means that they are compatible with latex condoms and are easier to clean off of the body than silicone lubricant. In terms of consistency it’s dribbly but not runny, has a nice smoothness to it and spreads on the skin generously.

I wouldn’t say that it’s the most tactile of lubricants, in that it doesn’t give me immense cravings to play with myself from sheer application, but it does a very good job in providing slip and slide for handjobs, blowjobs, cunnilingus, and even penetration if you like having the option of that kind of play in between oral activities.

It’s a lovely clear lubricant and doesn’t stain at all, and the scent from it is very subtle unless you are close, meaning it shouldn’t overpower the users.

In terms of ingredients this lubricant is not made with parabins nor sugar, which means that you’re unlikely to be battling a UTI off when using it.

In a frustrating turn of events this lubricant does have sucralose in it though, which will irritate some bodies and can spike insulin levels, so this is something you will need to keep in mind if insulin is an issue for you.

Outside of this, however, there’s really not much to object about with the ingredients of this lubricant. I have very sensitive skin and these lubricants did not cause any issues. The same can be said for another individual I know with very sensitive skin, so that’s a huge bonus in this lubricant’s favour.

But let’s talk flavors for a moment.

The texture is good.

Oh, my gosh, I adore what System Jo have done with these lubricants.

They’re sweet, very sweet, but that’s kind of the point when it comes to candy based lubricants. But they’re also just the right amount of strength for conveying the flavour of candy during prolonged oral use.

System Jo have been consistently good with getting their flavors right, so I’m glad they’ve continued to do so with this lubricant and appreciate it massively.

When it comes down to the three individual flavors you’ll be met with the following:

Butterscotch: Creamy toffee and a buttery undertone. This is one of those flavors that reminds me of sticky toffee pudding as well as butterscotch and it has almost a Bailey’s-like creaminess to it which is swooningly delicious during use. Quite a nice one but sweet like a rich brown sugar. Very nice.

Cotton Candy: Spot on for candy floss. It’s the flavour of baby pink and happy unicorns, which is definitely not a bad thing. Very sweet, again, but with that burnt sugar aftertaste that you can get from cotton candy. Candy climaxes abound with this lubricant.

Bubblegum: My favorite of the bunch. This one has that the childish reminiscence of those bubblegum balls that you get at carnivals, packed full of sugar and goodness. However, it also has that fruity element with is almost akin to blueberries. I like fruity sensations so this was a real winner for me and made for some very enjoyable sessions when it came to oral sex. I approve.

In terms of downsides there is only one clear one – these flavors are very akin to what they’re trying to replicate and they’re sweet, super sweet. This means that if you know you dislike the flavors or you really dislike the taste of sucralose and overly candy-like items then you will not like this lubricant.

I was expecting this lubricant to get sticky, tacky, and generally unpleasant during use but this was not the case at all. This lubricant stays nicely aqua during the entire time of use and can even be utilized as a very effective penetrative lubricant and help let your favourite sex toys glide smoothly. It can feel a little cloying on the skin after use if not wiped off but I never felt like it was making my skin unbearably sticky, so it’s even got one up on actual candy floss and butterscotch.

Final Thoughts

The System JO H2O Flavored Candy Shop Lubricants are so nice that I could almost drizzle them on ice cream but, honestly, I’d feel like it was a waste, given how wonderful they are during actual use.

These products are pure sugary bliss and I am happy to say that they perform as well as they taste.

I can highly recommend these lubricants to anyone who is interested and think that you’ll be very pleased with the results.

Recommend to:

People who love candy flavours.

People who like a medium thickness lube.

People who want a versatile lube.

Do Not Recommend to:

People who dislike sweet lubes.

People who prefer thick/thin lube.

People with sucralose sensitivities.

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