Fleshjack Ice Bottom Review

Fleshjack Ice with the Crystal texture and bottom orifice is possibly one of the most appealing incarnations of the Fleshlights/Fleshjacks from Interactive Lifeforms. Semi see through sleeve and an exclusive texture, what more can we ask for?

The Fleshjack range, similar to the Fleshlights also by Interactive Lifeforms, comes in a range of different colors and textures – and consists of a soft inner sleeve and a hard plastic case. These are however marketed towards men who prefer men. The vagina is replaced by butts, bottoms ans lips. Fleshjack is sure to have something that fits well with your taste.

As with all their Flesh-masturbators you can buy more sleeves without a case so you can mix and match as you see fit, as well as keeping the price low.

You should know that these are not small toys. They are quite large to accommodate all sizes. It measures: Length of the case including end cap is 10 inches (25.4 cm), circumference of the biggest part is 12 inches (30.48 cm) and the smallest part is 7.5 inches (19.05 cm)

Maybe not the easiest thing to hide, if you prefer to keep your toys private.. Especially as the case is transparent you will lose some of the intended stealth.

When you first unpack your Fleshjack, don’t get too carried away – you must remove a plastic tube (travel anchor) from inside the sleeve. It is there to keep the sleeve intact during shipping. It will hurt you badly if not removed!

The sleeve is made out of body safe Superskin material – which is medical/food grade, phthalate-free polymers. It is not made of latex, plastic or silicone, but a special blend exclusive to Interactive Lifeforms. It is so secret that it can only be stated what it’s not. But rest assured it is perfectly safe.

The packaging is super nice. It comes in a sleek metal tube, perfect for storage when not in use. It will not hide the fact that it’s a sex toy, as the logo is printed all over. But no tacky pictures, just a simple and plain design similar to other Fleshjack products. On the back you see the texture, and orifice as well as some quick info. This can be removed if you chose to do so. Recently Interactive Lifeforms switched to cardboard boxes for their toys. It is still possible to grab ones with metal tubes from retailers, but you got to be quick as the stock is limited to whats already in stores.

Fleshjack Ice BoxFleshjack Ice Box

The exclusive transparent case and sleeve looks gorgeous. The sleeve comes pre-dusted with renewal powder and has a frosted look because of this, just like in my pictures. When you rinse the sleeve all that powder cleans right off leaving you with a more see through sleeve. It’s not super clear, but you get some good visuals if you like watching yourself entering the tight canal.

Fleshjack Ice Box

The sleeve is ultra soft, and feels really good to the touch, very velvety when powdered. It almost lives up to the material name, although it feels more like flesh than real skin. It does heat up to body temperature fairly quick but you can heat it up in warm water prior to use or cool it down for a totally different sensation. As an added bonus it only has a light scent similar to many silicone toys, nothing that would be noticeable during use. It wouldn’t bother me either way.

The bottom orifice is nice and simple, and would be suitable for anyone not being put off by anal sex – may it be male or female. The opening is very tight, more so than any other orifice I believe. It has a lifelike texture around the little hole, not that this is playing by the rules of realism in any other way than that. I added some extra corn starch for the picture below, to make the texture more visible.

Fleshjack Ice Butt Crystal Texture

The inner texture is exclusive to the ice range. This is called the crystal texture and it looks insane. Just take a look at the packaging pictures.

Don’t let the looks scare you – it really feels nice. Once covered in a good amount water based lubricant it becomes super slick. Although it is soft and forms and compresses to your penis, it remains pretty intense. Not too much so that this would not be suitable for beginners, it was my first one after all. This is still my go to Fleshjack and one of my favorite toys. All those chambers with different textures will surely test the endurance of the most experienced player. You can even use it for stamina training to last longer in bed.

The Fleshjack is really easy to clean. You just take the sleeve out of the case and let warm water run through it. Sounds simple enough.. Just make sure you get all the creases and clean out of any remaining fluids. I tend to shove my fingers in there while cleaning to give it a little rub. It seems to work just fine. You should not use soap as it could potentially ruin the material.

It does take a while to dry and should be left in a well ventilated place or hung to dry. The insides can take a day or two to completely dry. If you place it in the case before it has dried completely it will become the perfect playground for bacteria, so just be patient

Sadly it becomes sticky after the first time it is cleaned. You can still use it, but it can be a hassle to get back into the case as it sticks to the sides. To renew the surface you can rub it with a bit of cornstarch. It is highly recommended that you dust it to keep it in a brand new condition. I prefer it that way – soft and velvety.

After a while I prefer to take the case apart and put it in the dishwasher. This keeps it nice and clean.

Fleshjack Ice Crystal Case

Packaging, case and sleeve seems to be of high quality and very well designed. With good care I’m sure it will. It might seem a bit pricey compared to other toys in the same category, except for the Tenga range. But I would say the quality and feel of the Fleshjacks are worth it over other cheaper male masturbator sleeves.