The Pleasure Orb Review

The Pleasure Orb is advertised as an ultra-powerful massager, it’s waterproof (although only up to 1 meter depths) and made from ABS material (acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene) and has 4 TPR pressure points ( Thermoplastic rubber) on the topside of this product.

It’s more of a cylinder type toy that takes 3 x AAA battering, which fit in the lid of the toy. To access the the battery holder, you need to unscrew the base, pretty simple really.

To operate this vibrator massager, you just need to press the single button on the underside of the product. It has 3 speeds, 2 vibrations and 1 pulsation.

It’s black in color with a silver rim around the section that you unscrew the base from. On the top of the orb, you will find 4 white pressure type pads which are made from TPR, 3 big circles with a small circle inside.

The product packing is simple, a white and greyish box with an open window that you can see the product through, 4 lines to say what the product does on the front and back and minimal product material information, as well as telling you it needs 3 x AAA batteries that are not included. Nothing vulgar about this packaging but unfortunately it did scream out to me as being dull.

Retailing for around £18.99 GBP, I was surprised to see it priced up at this level, if I am honest, it really isn’t worth more than a tenner!

I really was deflated, to say the least, when it came to testing this sex toy out. When you read ‘ultra powerful’ you do expect a product to be just that but this massager barely tickled my sides! The weakest vibration may satisfy scratching an itch but it really wasn’t a speed I could care for. The 2nd vibration was stronger, I would compare this speed with better known products using it as a weaker vibrations in other massagers. The pulsation, I found to be uncomfortable. Even using this as a general massager, it made me more tense than relaxed.

We found that we needed to use a fair bit of water-based lubricant for this toy to have any sort of effect. If felt good on the bottom of the feet and along the shoulders but other than that, it failed to grip my niche.

To use as a sexual stimulation toy, really didn’t enjoy it. The casing to this product is hard, even with the TPR pads, there is no real softness to it.