Vibe Therapy Discreet Review

I’m a big clitoral stimulation fan, I mean, who isn’t? So when asked if I would like to review the Vibe Therapy Discreet for them, I found it hard not to say No!

The Vibe Therapy Discreet is a slim oval/egg shaped clitoral stimulator. It is pink in color, with a silver rim halfway across the vibe, 2 buttons ( 1 x on/off & 1 x vibration controls) and a small red light that lights up when the product is switched on.

The Discreet has 7 vibration functions; 3 vibrations – mild, medium and strong and 4 pulsations.

To operation this sex toy, simply press the on button once, then select which vibration you want to use by pressing the button above the on/off button. To move through the vibrations/pulsations, then select the same button once for every speed/vibration. To switch this stimulator off, press the on/off button once.

This discreet vibrator is made from ABS plastic (Acrylonitrile – Butadiene – Styrene), it is not made from Silicone, as a lot of websites seem to be portraying. Reading the instruction manual, it does not state ‘silicone’ but clearly says ABS plastic. Just to make sure, I double checked on the Vibe Therapy website, which confirmed this too.

It is also latex and phthalates free and non-porous.

This sex toy is 100% waterproof, up to a depth of 1 meter, so you can have your bath time fun without worries.

The Vibe Therapy Discreet takes 2 x AAA batteries, which do not come with this product, when purchasing. On the backside of this toy, you will find the battery’s hiding place. On the bottom end of the toy is a little clip that you need to lift up (you will need nails for this part) and then slide the back cover off. The 2 x AAA batteries easily slip inside the vibe, place the cover back on and you’re ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

To clean is pretty easy, as this product is waterproof, you can submerge it in warm soapy water. Ensure that you get into the curves of the silver border and the buttons. You may want to use a cotton wool ear bud for this. As there are some awkward crooks/crannies in this product, I would dry the vibrator off and then spritz it with a sex toy cleaner of your choice and then leave to dry. As a personal sweetvibechoice, I would recommend the Toy Joy Pump Action Toy Cleaner for £7.99.

I found to use that this clitoral stimulator is pretty good. It has the strength that hits the spot, for me. It is easy to use and simply does the job. The product description does say that this product is a discreet/quiet vibrator but I say it isn’t ‘that’ discreet. It does let off a buzzing sound that you can hear from across a room, although you wouldn’t hear it through a door/wall.

The RRP is £29.99 GBP’s, is it worth the price? I’m sat on the fence with this, if I’m honest. I do like it as a clitoral stimulator but I think it would be better around the £20.00 GBP mark. Why? Simply because it is made from ABS and not a good quality silicone. Now, if the section of this product was made from 100% medically graded silicone, I’d be happy to pay £30.00 for it but as it stands, you can buy a LELO for the same price. I am not trying to sway people from purchasing the Vibe Therapy Discreet, no not at all, it is a good little toy but I am trying to make a comparison for the price, in the hopes that consumers can understand where I am coming from. were a delight to deal with, their communications were prompt, informative and always helpful. When my parcel arrived, it was packed well in a small brown box, which was addressed to me correctly and most importantly, it was discreet. There was no sign on the outside of the parcel that this product came from an adult sex toy company.

All in all, I feel that the Vibe Therapy Discreet is a good stimulator, with the only fault I can find is the price but that is from my own personal opinion. Would I suggest this product to a consumer, yes I would!