Eve Bijoux Pulsing Rabbit Review

The Eve Bijoux Pulsing Rabbit is a unique style of rabbit to come from ‘Evé’.

With 4 bullets inside the product, 3 x in the shaft and 1 x in the rabbit section, it is boasted that this pulsing rabbit vibrator will bring a unique experience to anyone using it.

This vibrator is made from Thermoplastic elastomers, in other words TPE, which unfortunately does mean it is a form of a porous product and not 100% safe. I would advise that a condom should cover the shaft, to ensure bad bacterias are not passed onto your lady parts. To the touch it feels rubbery, it’s not sleek or smooth, as when I run my fingers over the shaft, my skin seems to drag along the toy.

The pulsing rabbit takes 3 x AAA batteries, which are not included with the product. To place the batteries in the product, unscrew the base cap and remove the white plastic EZ loader. Then simply replace the EZ loader and screw the cap back on.

It comes in 1 color, which is a pale lilac.

To operate, there is a grey user panel on the base front of the rabbit, with 3 buttons; 1 to switch on/off and 2 to go through the 5 vibrations/pulsations. This toy has a different take to the usual rabbits that are in today’s markets, it has 4 bullets inside the toy. 3 pulsations sees the 4 bullets working in different rhythms and 2 vibrations have all 4 bullets working as 1.

The Eve Bijoux rabbit comes in a flimsy white box, with the product’s name, details and photo on the front of the box. The back of the box displays more information on the toy, with the side of the box displaying the product’s sizing and the material it is made from. It is not vulgar nor does it shout out at you to grab it, if I’m honest, if I was in a shop, I wouldn’t even notice this product, nothing jumps out at you. The box is also very flimsy and very easy to crush. I would be worried that the product could be damaged, if the packaging was squashed.

To clean is pretty easy, although it is not stated as being waterproof, I did try soaking the toy in the sink full of warm soapy water. i was careful not to submerge the operating control end. The toy is non-porous, so there is no worry about not getting into all the nooks and crannies. I would also go over this toy with a baby wipe/anti bacterial wipe. You can also use a sex toy cleaner, such as the the Cheeky Wash anti bacterial Toy Cleaner (click here), which is a personal recommendation of mine.

I would also like to note that the shaft of the rabbit gathers and attracts fluff and dust extremely quickly, so I would advise to keep this toy in a dust bag.


Full length: 9.5″
Insertion length: 5.2″
Girth: 4.4″
Width: 1.4″

This sex toy retails for an average of £42.95 GBP.

To use, I did have my reservations. I was expecting this ‘mind blowing’ experience due to the unique technology that is used with this rabbit. I was hoping it would change my personal opinion on rabbits, as I am not the world’s biggest fan, so I pushed my opinions aside, in the hopes to give a fair review.

I found that I needed to use a fair bit of lube to get going with this vibrator. I was hesitant to use a silicone lubricant but gave it a shot and glad I did, it made the toy feel a bit better to use, not as ‘stickily rough’.

With this ‘unique’ 4 bullet technology, I was expecting a good old kick but this toy just didn’t do it for me. There is no control to operate the rabbit ears on their own, which I felt to be a bit of a let down. Some times I like to use a rabbit with just the ears vibrating and the shaft used like a dildo but there was no option for that, with this product.

The bulbous effect of the shaft felt nice, when in use and that is the only thing I liked about the experience with this toy. But I really couldn’t feel the 4 bullet uniqueness, I feel that is due to the vibrations not being too strong. I did like that this toy is practically silent, holding it away from me, I couldn’t even hear it when it was on.

Operating the sex toy when in use, became a bit fiddly. I felt that this was to do with the sizing of the buttons, they were slightly too small.

Power wise, there was only one vibration that tickled my fancy and even then, it was only strong enough for clitoral stimulation. Pretty much a let down in strength, for me.

I personally feel that this rabbit needs a fair few modifications to it, before I would recommend it to other users. It maybe a good vibrator for those dipping their toes into the sex toy world but for a veteran like myself, I would save my pennies for something a bit more substantial.

I would advise Evé to change the material from TPE to a medically graded silicone. To make the operating buttons a bit bigger, to add in a button to control the rabbit ears section on a solo basis and to make the product packaging more appealing and stronger. I would also make the toy more powerful or place in an option to up or lower the power of the vibration. Then I would say that the RRP of £42.95 GBP is worth it but at the moment, I would only offer £20.00 GBP for this.