Aneros Eupho Syn Review

The Aneros Eupho Syn is an advanced prostate massager evolved from the Aneros Classic Range. It is back with a new coat of silicone and slightly refined design.

This prostate massager is a petite little thing! It really is just the size of one of my fingers, and to be honest I was a bit underwhelmed by it. The materials are great – hard plastic covered in matte textured silicone. In comparison to DeVice it feels a bit rougher on the surface, but that’s alright. It is super light and not intrusive at all. It would be great for beginners to use, despite it being marketed as an advanced toy.


The toy is 4.5″ (11.5cm) long and 4″ (10cm) wide. Just under 4″ (10cm) is insertable and it has a max circumference of 2.75″ (7cm) and the smallest is 1.6″ (4cm).

The Eupho Syn requires a good amount of lube to be comfortably inserted because of that extra texture. But it really is a petite toy and should have absolutely no problems making its way into even the tightest butt out there. The two bulbs feel great passing the sphincter (the opening muscles) and once past those.. It slides effortlessly into place and stays there. It has a gentle perineum massager as well, but it is flexible and does not apply a whole lot of pressure. It does not really feel that much, but it helps to keep the toy stable once inserted.

Aneros EUPHOsyn

The silicon covered insertable part of the male sex toy is very firm because of the plastic core, and should in theory allow for some direct prostate stimulation. Even though it is just the right length for me and that it nestles effortlessly against my prostate. I can’t really get anything other than a very subtle stimulation out of this. Nor does it feel very filling, which is pretty obvious. It does not really feel like I have anything up my butt at all. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It’s just something to keep in mind. It would be great for people just beginning to explore anal sex but personally I prefer a bit more substance like Aneros DeVice.

The toy is used by tensing the sphincter muscles and relaxing, almost like kegel exercises. When tensing the toy is pulled in towards the prostate, and when relaxing it backs off a bit. I find that it is best to use while laying on the back. It is also important to use enough lube to let the toy slide around effortlessly.

Even though it does enhance orgasms I can not help but to crave a bit more. If you have muscles of steel, it could still provide some intense pin pointed stimulation, but sadly not for me. It feels diffuse.
Cleaning & care

Since the Eupho Syn is part silicone it may react to low quality silicone lubricants. To keep the toy safe, use a water or oil based lubricant. A hybrid lube can also work if it states it is compatible with silicone toys.

The Eupho Syn can and should be cleaned with antibacterial soap and water before and after use. It can also be washed in a mild bleach solution. Boiling and dishwashing would not be recommended. Keep it in the storage box to keep it away from dust and lint. It does attract quite a bit.

I will need to mention the Aneros packaging again. It is just so pretty. No sleazy artwork or pornographic images – just a clean and tasteful outer box with information and small prostate massagers in glossy finish. The inner box is made of sturdy red cardboard with the Aneros logo on the sides. The logo is in the same color, only in glossy finish which makes it invisible from a few angles. Neat. The lid of the box is supported by magnets which I think is very nice. It is perfect for long time storage.

Aneros EUPHOsyn Box

This prostate massager is of great quality, made of body safe materials that will last forever. The size is a bit small for me and produces only diffuse and subtle stimulation. I might be able to control it better over time, but I still feel the DeVice is a better toy for me personally. Eupho Syn however would be great for beginners looking to get into anal play. It is very slim and light and will not feel intrusive. With the necessary amount of lube it will almost penetrate you by itself. It is easy to use and remove when done.

Aneros Eupho Trident Prostate Massager