Nipple Clamps – Why Use Them?

I’m all for a bit of nipple tweaking and I do love to latch on whichever nipple clamps I grab and enjoy the sensations that ripple through my body. But why should other women or men try them?

Well, here are a few reasons from me:

Location, Location, Location!

The nipples house many many many nerves, which when stimulated can cause the same stimuli reaction in the brain that arousing the clitoris/vagina, do.

When aroused, your nipples will erect (there are erectile muscles in those nips) and cause arousal, which in turn flicks the switch on and can add intensity to orgasms.

It’s all about the base

There are 4 major nerves that run signals from women’s genitals to the brain. These are:

Pudendal nerve – connects the clitoris

Pelvic nerve – carries signals from the vagina

Hypogastric nerve – connects with the cervix and uterus

Vagus nerve – travels from the cervix and uterus without passing through the spinal cord

When your nipples are being aroused, those signals are sent via the same nerves as the above 4.


Your nipples are a sensitive area, due to nerves. When using nipple clamps and teasers, you are stimulating an erogenous zone that is like pushing the Go button for sexual desires. When a nipple clamp is attached correctly, with every little move you make, you are teasing your body and brain with the pleasure/pain shabang,

Although it can take some people a while to get the gist of the pleasure/pain theory, others take to it straight off the bat. But with the nipples, as long as you introduce clamps and such, with ease, your body will take to them like a duck to water.

Tweaking those nipples, release endorphins through out the body and gets your blood pumping.

Jumping into the deep end

Nipple play bring in an emotional connection between you and your partner, it’s like a magnet to metal. It maybe due to allowing someone control over your body, means you have trust in them.

If you are looking to get into the fetish life of Dom/subs, nipple play can be a gentle entrance into this area with your partner.

Pain IS pleasure

OK, for some it may not be but as we climax, our bodies can undergo much more stimulation, than before reaching that point.

For me, as I am about to climax, I love my nipples being twisted hard or nibbled on. I usually have a pair of nipple clamps attached to me, which a connecting chain. As I orgasm, he will tug at the chains, which makes my orgasm experience that much more intense.

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