Female Ejaculation – Learning How to Squirt

Female Ejaculation learn to Squirt

Learn How to Squirt

Many women are unaware that they have the ability to ejaculate; this article will show you how to squirt with a G-spot vibrator, either alone or with a partner.

The majority of women are capable of produce fluid when their G-spot is properly stimulated; however, like with most good things, doing it correctly takes time and experience.

To begin, ensure that you are well aroused and, ideally, have already had a clitoral orgasm; this fully aroused yet relaxed state makes stroking the G-spot a more pleasant and enjoyable experience.
This G-spot massage is the key to success if you want to ejaculate.

Sex Toys and Squirting

You can stimulate this highly sensitive area with a specially designed g-spot vibrator, your fingertips, or those of your lover can all be used to stimulate this very sensitive area. Your partner’s penis can also hit the spot in a variety of sex positions, such as the reverse cowgirl and the doggy position.

Before you begin stimulation, make sure you have emptied your bladder, as this may cause you to feel the need to urinate. Having already emptied the bladder will prevent you from peeing on the bed. If you keep stimulating through this impulse, it will be quickly replaced with a very pleasurable experience. Stimulating the G-spot to induce orgasm can take some time, but stick with it. As soon as you feel the earth shift, push your PC muscles out, increasing your chances of ejaculation. Place a cloth underneath you for the first few attempts, just in case!

Here’s a quick checklist on how to squirt?

Make sure you start with clitoral stimulation and have at least one orgasm before moving on.

Locate your G-spot and stimulate it with your fingers, a sex toy like a G-spot vibrator, or your partner’s penis. Continue this stimulation until you feel a strong sensation deep within the vaginal canal.  Just as you approach orgasm, use your PC muscles to thrust.

Now it’s your turn to squirt!