Digital Exploration: Why People Use Live Sex Chats

What does it mean to connect?

Is connection always required for enjoyment?

What pleasure can be derived from relationships of a digital nature?

These are all questions that can be asked when it comes to live sex chats.

Adult Sex Chat services allow people to interact with another individual via their webcam service. These individuals (often known as ‘cam girls’) are people who have chosen to engage in such a profession in order to help their viewers realise their sexual needs (and also to get paid because, y’know, income is important and all job revenues should be respected).

But why would anyone use such a service?

The answer is much more complicated then some might assume.

The Stigma of the Sex Chat

Sadly, services such as adult sex chat often get a really bad reputation.

The mainstream assumption of those who use sex chat services or cam girls is that they are individuals who are incapable of making a connection or forming a conventional relationship.

This thinking is narrow, to say the least.

Still, it hasn’t stopped people from being socially shamed for using such services, nor has it abated many people’s personal apprehensions when using these services, and that is a crying shame.

Because, I ask again, what does it mean to connect?

Beyond the Physical

Connection occurs when a person becomes linked or associated with something (or someone else). Many of our connections are fleeting and don’t even register; glimpses at strangers, casual people watching, awkward (or sociable) exchanges with shop staff. But some connections go deeper – some have an emotional, romantic, familial, or sexual association with them.

Conventionally connections has been done face-to-face and that’s to be expected. Humanity has been around for a long-ass time and, for most of that time, we were predominantly connecting through being physically present with each other.

As social creatures we have evolved to crave physical connection and the simple act of a hug or a smile can do so much to our brain chemistry that even neuroscientists are still trying to figure it all out.

But that doesn’t mean that connections should always be physical. On the contrary, humans have benefited massively from embracing and interacting with different forms of communication.

This is also part of our nature and something that makes us so complex. Cave paintings could be considered an early form of non-physical communication but so too could letter writing, art, music, television, text-based messaging, and, now, online communication.

Given the inherent benefit that all of these forms of communication have brought us does it not make sense that we would also embrace it on a sexual level?

Doing so doesn’t represent a lacking in someone’s life but, instead, an abundance of willingness to explore their sexual needs through the integrated platforms that we, ourselves, have made to optimise and expand forms of communication.

True, connection through a screen can be difficult for some individuals, but it can also be meaningful, rich, and, yes, even purely pleasurable.

For those who can do so and are happy to do so there is so much to be gained and enjoyed, connection not being an issue.

The Whys

Hopping right in to answering the question of “Why?” I can offer only a few sweeping explanations.

As I alluded too earlier, humans are complex after all, which means that each adult sex cam experience is equally complex and nuanced.

But, in terms of the general reasons as to why there are a few common trends.

For many it’s simply a case of wanting to meet a sexual need and having the means to facilitate that. Human desire is another one of those primal things that we all have and sometimes we want to meet that desire without having to get in to a romantic entanglement.

The fact that there are individuals who are willing to provide this online allows users to engage with their desires in a consensual, safe, and thrilling way without having to be exposed to risks, unwanted additional attachments (on either side of the arrangement), and a certain degree of enjoyable immediacy.

The fact that we have got to this point in adult enjoyment is really exciting. Porn, although great, lacks much of the interactive and personal nature that talking to someone one-on-one does. That we can now make a much more personalised sensual engagement through the use of technology is not only gratifying but also pretty damned exciting in terms of technological potency and the progression of human sexual desire.  Contrary to popular belief the use of technology does not mean your sex life has to suffer.

This also leads on to another reason as to why people might use adult live sex cams.

Sometimes we have very specific fantasies that we want met in a certain way. It could be that, without access to specific services, those fantasies just aren’t accessible. However, through the use of cam services individuals are able to engage with their fantasies to their specifications with another individual.

Imagine the freeing and exciting nature of taking your escort fantasy and seeing it come to life, all to your specifications and with your pleasure in mind. Even those who don’t have a dominant trend can appreciate the value and reassurance of such things, especially given the safe and confidential nature that cam girls operate under.

Then, of course, you have those that simply and purely just want to connect.

Many individuals might want to reach out to someone but, for one reason or another, feel like they cannot access the contact of another human being. For such people the sheer act of being able to talk to another individual in a sexual way can be incredibly meaningful and emotional. It meets a basic need that would otherwise be neglected and that is something that no one should be deprived of.

Then, of course, there’s just the fact that adult sex chats can be rad as fuck and can be enjoyed by all sorts of individuals (or couples) for a fun and quick sexual variant or addition to sexual play.

Coz, y’know, sex is awesome.

The Takeaway

Both connection and sex are complicated – even more so when including digital landscapes – but they really don’t have to be.

While some individuals might have mental or social barriers up when it comes to sex chats and ask why they are used perhaps the real question should be “Why not?”

Sex and erotic services exist and they do so because there is a demand for it. That demand, despite what some might assume, does not always come from a ‘sordid’ place and most users of adult digital services are simply people who have made the choice to integrate technology in to their sexual options.

So, if ever you wonder why someone would engage with a cam girl or a sex chat service perhaps the better thing to do is reflect on why you would personally not. Consider what you assume when you think about these services and take a balanced and reasoned view as to how it lies with your personal preferences.

You may never personally wish to engage with these services. Alternatively, you may find yourself tempted.

No matter where your reflections take you just remember that connect is to engage and it is not up to others to decide the value nor ethics of how others engage with their own safe and consensual sexual actions.

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