Can Cybersex really be that bad?

What lengths and risks do you take, when it comes to having your frills from the internet? It is a good question and one which I doubt those using relevant websites, take into account.

Years ago I dabbled in a bit of web-cam fun, over on adultwork. I was shy to start with but my confidence soon flourished. I wasn’t to much on the ‘up’ with what punters wanted or liked, which threw a spanner in my works to some degree. But I eventually had formed an online friendship with a few of the cam-girls and would spend a few cybersex hours an evening chatting away to them. After airing my woes, they invited me into their cam sessions, they were happy to aid me in getting a sense of direction with what ‘shows’ were more attractive than others.

These lovely ladies passed over some words of advice, to keep myself safe.

You would have thought viewers just wanted to see tits, arse and legs spread like no tomorrow, with sex toys stuffed in every hole right? It’s far from that, with what I experienced in watching other cam-girls working and my own related personal experiences, the fetish scene wafoot fetishs the way to go. I didn’t need to show my face, I could sit on a chair with the camera pointed in such a direction that it only captured legs and feet. I could pretty much do anything foot wise, from twitching my toes, picking up objects with my toes/feet, stroking my feet, smothering them in body moisturizer or letting a brand new pair of killer heels dangle from my feet. Of course I would be speaking during these acts, that’s a given and men liked it.

And then came the private room requests! This was me taking a risk that got my blood pumping and I knew the consequences but was willing to take them for those few moments. If at any time the session became uncomfortable, it would end and I always gave a pre-warning to this.

However, I rarely saw the faces of my viewers, many would simply be torso shots or darkened back lighting or the occasional hood and mask. One regular viewer loved to wear masquerade masks, all a bit Phantom of the Opera for me and I loved it! If I am honest, you do not know who is watching you 100% of the time or if you have someone watching that shouldn’t be there. This goes for viewers, not just cam-girls, in-fact this goes for ALL avenues of cybersex (online dating sites, relevant websites, random people you meet in chat rooms). There is no ‘safe sex’ option online (apart from no cyber kinkiness) but you can take preventative measures to ensure lesser risk:

Don’t show your face – try to keep it hidden if you do not know the other participant
Always ensure that you have both stated your correct ages, if on an adult website, this will be a given with signing up details but you can never be too sure.
Only do what you feel comfortable in doing – never feel pressured into participating in an activity that you are uncomfortable with.
Try and always make sure that it is just you and the participant and that there are no other members involved.
Don’t have cybersex with someone you don’t know (although this one maybe a slip up with some).
If you are able to, only ever use a secure channel to conduct your activities through.

Have as much fun as your heart desires, allow your sexual inhibitions and fantasies to escape into the obscure world of data and feel as free as a bird, It’s all part of our way to unleash. But It’s not always possible to be 100% safe, when online and indulging in cybersex activities but you can be more vigilant over how you conduct certain things.

Like a proverbial condom, take these tips and bag it up.

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