Is Technology Ruining Your Sex Life

Over the years technology has evolved and most of the world are using technical equipment of some kind. However, is this new technology we are exposed to having a negative impact on our sexual preferences, e.g. Sex life?


People are so absorbed with this new technology available at our fingertips and since the development of smart phones, gaming consoles and tablet devices this can cause a separation and lack of intimacy between you and your partner as we are often distracted by these gadgets.

Keeping that close relationship with your partner and loved ones is important, but in the current times with technology ever changing and upgrading do we feel isolated and distanced from our partners? The answer may lie in quality alone time together without distractions.

Change the daily wake up routine

First thing in the morning as soon as you have woken up, what is the first thing you do? Do you roll over and snuggle up to you partner or do you lean across to the bedside table and pick up our phone? We would be lying if we said we are not guilty of doing this.

By the time you have checked through your social networks, read some emails and surfed on Google it is time to get up out of bed to start the daily routine. Stressing yourself out first thing in the morning with work emails can have a negative impact on your whole day. Instead, why not opt for some quick morning sex with your partner. It will leave you feeling energized and refreshed and is a perfect way to start the day.

The rest of your day will have you thinking how great that morning quickie was. Follow on from this with a series of sexy text messages to your partner through the day and why not send a few saucy photos so you van both get in the mood for some evening sex.

Beds are only for sex and sleep

When it comes to sex in the bedroom you should focus on that intimacy. However, this technology is the distraction that drags us away from the task at hand. Technology most definitely puts a dampener on our sex lives as we often get tempted to get into bed and check our social networks, play Candy Crush or surf the web. Having a TV in the room also contributes to people having less sex. A survey conducted in Italy had interesting results showing couples with a TV in the bedroom have sex 50% less than those who have no TV in their bedroom.

We lead busy lives as it is and finding tome to fit sex into our busy schedules is hard enough and we should not make it harder by getting distracted by technology. So how do we overcome this problem? The answer is simple. Introduce a policy of ‘no gadgets’ allowed in the bedroom after 9.30 pm. Exception to this rule can be if you are sending naked selfies to your partner to get them aroused and in the mood or if he has downloaded a sex movie for you to both watch.

Turn off your gadgets and spend this time cuddling up together and talking with each other. This will soon lead to you getting aroused and then having sex. Ignore the emails and texts and spend this time having sex with your partner. You will feel less stressed and happier when you get what you want from sex in the bedroom..

Use technology to make things better!

Even though a television in your bedroom can be a major distraction, it can also be useful if utilised in the correct way. A 2011 study found couples who watched some porn together in the bedroom before bed were more than likely to indulge in sex and feel fully satisfied after.

Top tips are to download some saucy porn which you can watch together or download kinky and erotic novel onto your eReader. If you have an iPod then create yourself a seductive playlist that will get you in the mood. One gadget you should allow into your bedroom is a good quality sex toy. You will have so much fun with it

Unless you are taking any of the above gadgets into your bedroom, switch off your iPad, TV, mobile and laptop and switch on your sexual fantasies and enjoy some great sex

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