Sex Dolls – Not just for Hen nights!

When you think of sex dolls, many times, the implication is of the pop culture association: a blow-up balloon that a character in a raunchy sitcom gets or uses to elicit a joke. In reality, though, sex dolls are a very unique and exciting way to enjoy or try something new in the bedroom – maybe a threesome – or to simulate actual coitus when you might not feel comfortable enough with someone you’re seeing, or may not want a relationship at all.

In their historical sense, sex dolls were originally fully sculpted bodies out of ivory. Over time, we’ve seen the materials, usage and quality change as the industry and society have utilised them. Now, we’ll see dolls made of silicone, latex, blow-up styles, all sorts of materials and styles. Along the same lines as material diversity, sex dolls also vary a great deal in price depending on the actual overall quality of the doll, as well as any novelty that might be associated with it. For example, sex dolls built to resemble an anime character or a specific adult film star will most likely be made out of a cheaper quality material, but have that additional novelty.

There are many types of sex dolls in varying degrees of quality. Scaling up, some of the most popular are below:

Commonly known as “blow-up” dolls, the welded vinyl dolls are inflated and then used for pleasure. These are the easiest and most affordable to buy, especially since they can be purchased at just about any adult novelty shop.

Novelty sex toys for hen and stag nights

Sex dolls made from heavy latex follow more of a mannequin model, and will have moulded feet, hands, glass eyes, and often times, hair in the form of wigs. There are several higher, top of the line models that have water-filled buttocks or breasts. Finally, these are more easily customisable, as you can dress this doll, apply any make-up you’d like, or change out the wigs oftentimes.

Of the most expensive and high quality, those will be the silicone dolls. They look much more life-like, to the point where they are often sculpted after celebrities or an actual body model. The material for the skin feels more life-like, and will have real hair, as well as a skeletal structure that can be manipulated for different positions.

Overall, you won’t be able to find the more middle to high end sex dolls in any adult novelty shop. Your best choice for selecting and purchasing one will be a high quality, trust online store, a sex shop that you know offers a wide variety of high quality products which will allow you to purchase exactly what you need.

If you’re not looking for a relationship, or if you are in one and are looking to try something new, sex dolls are perfect for taking care of your sexual needs. Safe, easy to utilise, and well-rounded, sex dolls are a wonderful way to get creative in the bedroom.

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