The Men’s Guide to Buying Sexy Underwear

A quick and easy way to put a spark into your relationship is buying your partner sexy underwear, but only if you get it right! Our guide will make shopping for your girlfriend, wife or lover a nice and simple experience.

Step 1: What Does She Like and What’s her Size.

Before you even think about purchasing anything you’ll need to find out a few things, make a note of her bra size 32B, 36D etc, knickers size and clothes size. Have a look at what lingerie styles she already owns, what fabric they are made from and in what colours.

Step 2: Picking The Ideal Lingerie Set

Having furnished yourself with the essential information don’t make the typical male mistake of buying what you want her to wear rather than what she would like to wear. Having remembered what’s in her lingerie drawer take inspiration from what she had on those first intimate dates and what she likes to wear on a romantic night out or in. Does she prefer a babydoll or corset, stockings or suspenders?

When she wants to look her best find out what she chooses to wear you’ll discover what makes her feel sexy and confident which is what dressing for bed is all about.

Step 3: Getting the Correct Size.

Accept it’s not always easy for her so you can be forgiven for making a mistake but buying her rubber crotch less knickers instead of a floral nightie may not be so quickly forgiven!

Dress sizes is an issue as one brand may have a product that’s a size 8 and another brand selling an identical item as a size 10 so what do you do?

Have a peek at some of her favourite clothes and see what the majority of labels say, if they say size 10 then that’s the one to go for. You can duplicate this process for her bra size as well; some women are between sizes so choose the size she wears most often. A large amount of lingerie is underwired, this is a piece of metal that holds the shape of the bra cup but doesn’t give a bra size. It will normally indicate what cup size it is suitable for such as an A, B or C, avoid underwired products if your partner is larger than a D cup.

You could take what appears to be the easy option and buy a ‘one size’ product, remember this means it will fit most but not all people. The item could be too tight or really loose, too short or far too long. If you do opt for this option remember the golden rule. One size garments come in two sizes, regular and plus size. If your partner is size 16+ purchase the plus size for anything smaller go for the regular. Make sure you do check the label in case the manufacturer recommends different.

I hope you have found this guide helpful, happy shopping.

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