Silicone-Based Lubricants

Silicone lubes are waterproof lubricants, enabling lubrication for underwater fun. If you love using your waterproof sex toys or just like having sex in the water then a waterproof lubricant, such as ID Millenium and Premium Bodyglide, will be a lifetime companion! Waterproof lubricants are not as readily available as water-based lubrication but you can find plenty here at Ododi.

Another plus for any silicone waterproof lubricant is that it lasts longer and can be easily revived after a lengthy encounter with your favorite vibrating friend, just by adding a little water or saliva to it because silicone lubricants do not evaporate as readily as a water based lubricant and so are great not only as a waterproof lubricant but also as a long lasting lubricant. On the other hand, this also means that getting your toys (and yourself) clean will take a little more elbow grease, but it certainly doesn’t need to be sandblasted off. A good soapy wash in hot water should do the trick – check out our guide to cleaning your sex toys here.