We-Vibe Touch clitoral stimulator review

I’m always on the look out for a stimulator with a difference and I got that with the ‘We-Vibe’ Touch.

Grasping the supple body of this clitoral stimulator, I knew that I wasn’t going to be let down. I like to write my reviews from a bias POV, I look for faults, pros, cons and what not.

The Touch is made from 100% medically graded platinum silicone, it’s a rechargeable sex toy (not batteries needed), making this one Eco-friendly buzz joy!

It has 8 modes, 4 vibrations and 4 pulsations, a little bit of something for every one. With it’s smooth and curvacious contours, it can be used on not just women BUT men too……a bonus, I would say.

The We-Vibe Touch comes in a sleek white box, with a picture of the product on the front of the box, the We-vibe symbol and the words ‘personal massager’ on the front too. Turning the box over, you are given a basic run down of the product and what it is made from, in 6 different languages.

When receiving your Touch, you will need to place it on charge for 90 mins but it means you will get 2 hours usage from it. To charge, attach the round magnetic charging piece to the wire/plug and place on the bottom of the We-vibe Touch. It will gently click in, then leave it on the side, to charge.

To switch on, there is 1 button, which is situated in the middle of the vibrator’s charging point. Press the button once, starting the lowest vibration. To go through the 8 modes, select this button once. Once you have gone through all 8 modes, the Touch will automatically switch it’s self off. But if you want to switch this vibe off, all you need to do is hold the same button down for 2 seconds.

The Touch is 100% medically graded silicone, latex and phthlates free, body safe and waterproof. So yes, bathroom fun is on the cards with this beauty! It is also flexible, soft and lead free.

Measurements; 100 x 45 x 30 mm (4 x 1.8 x 1.2”).

The We-vibe Touch comes with a charger, magnetic charging component, a white satin like dust cover bag, guarantor/help manual.

To the feel, the Touch is rubber like, flexible, soft but is a little bit heavy to the hold. The tip of the We-Touch, curves and has a thumb imprint sized indent on the undercarriage. This means that it can sit on your girlie parts with ease.

I would advise to only use a water-based lubricant, with this product. As it is waterproof, you can submerge the Touch in warm soapy water and give it a good clean. I would also suggest to use a sex toy cleaner of your choice, just to ensure that the Touch is kept as clean as possible.

I have found 1 issue that is slightly annoying. The Touch has a habit of picking up dirt/dusty bits, personally I would clean this sex toy before I would use it and always keep it in it’s dust bag, to ensure extra cleanliness.

To use, it is heaven! It sits perfectly on the clitoris, with the operate button being on the end of the Touch, I found it easy to push through the 8 modes, although you do need to apply a bit of pressure onto that button. I also found that you need a good water-based lubricant, to keep things going, otherwise, you will find that you have to keep reapplying the lube.

The We-Vibe Touch, generally sells for £49.99 GBPs, which I find to be a fair price, due to the product being of high grade and worth the use.
The Touch comes in 3 different colors; Purple, Teal and Ruby.

I really do like the We-Vibe collection, the touch only have 2 minor issues for me; the operating button being stiff during use and that it picks up bits of fluff etc like a magnet. But they are things that you can oversee and wouldn’t be an issue. The Touch does a grand job for me and will have plenty of women, reaching their OOOOO’s with no issues.

Would I recommend this sex toy to you? YES YES YES!