Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Medium Butt Plug Review

I received the Doc Johnson Mood Naughty Medium Butt Plug in pink, as an item to review from my favourite sex toy supplier

Once opened, I was presented with a slim black box with a see-through window, showing the tester product. I was a little let-down, if I am honest, as I thought the ‘medium’ size would have actually been medium but the sizing compared to a product like the Basix butt plugs, would actually be a small size.

This butt plug is made of 100% medically graded silicone, it is latex and phthalate free, non porous and body safe.

Aat first it seems to look like a hard product but once you get to feel it, it is firm but squishy. The base of the plug is flared and curved, so it would sit within the anal hole, with no worries of losing it within one’s body. I like the fact that this product is deemed as dishwasher friendly, which would make sterilizing the plug, a much better process than the normal way. However, I would be in 2 minds about placing this product in the dishwasher on a weekly basis, over a long period in time, I would assume that it would eventually degrade. I also like that it is smooth, with no indentations, as this means it’s a lot easier to keep clean.

Putting this item to the test, I personally found it very easy to insert the product in the anal hole, it has a comfortable fit and the flat/rounded base made it easier to keep in. I really do like the feel of the smooth silicone that has been used to produce this product. Although I did find that the size of this plug was an issue. I am not a regular anal toy ‘goer’ but I do like using small – medium butt plugs. I found the size to be the only let down feature of this toy, even though it fit in well, the plug just didn’t go in far enough. I really would urge Doc Johnson to rethink the sizing of this butt plug, either make it bigger or label it as a small.

However, saying that about the sizing, Doc Johnson have redeemed themselves with the flexibility of the material and the base being a flat/rounded/flared feature is a very good idea. I really do prefer this type or hardish but flexible silicone in a toy, rather than the jelly type silicone.

As for the colour options ‘pink or black’, I would personally like to see other colours available i.e. flesh colours (ranges from pale to olives/tan), maybe darker colours in a purple, blue or green range too.

I personally find that a fair amount of silicone toys have that horrid ‘new’ smell that just gets worse with time. But with this butt plug, I have not found that issue. It’s easy to wash, easy to use, the packaging, to me, is appealing and the fact that it’s hypo-allergenic, dishwasher friendly and smooth, are all A-plus bonuses. I would recommend this product to anyone who is new or wanting to experience anal play toys but are afraid on taking the plunge, excuse the pun!