Keepburning Hoolalass + Hydro Plug Review

Keepburning is a company that really stands out in the masses – and I love their awesome anal toys for men. Hoolalass is a unique ass lock with interchangeable plugs for you very own butt pleasure.

As with everything Keepburning the Hoolalass and plugs are pure silicone which means they are body safe and does not hold on to any nasty bacteria. It is possible to fully sterilize the toys which is essential when you shove them up your ass. Even though we want to express how masculine and rough we are while playing – it is a pretty sensitive area up there, so it is best to use sterile sex toys. And that is even more important if you share toys with your partner(s).
The Hoolalass

Now with that out-of-the-way; The Hoolalass is a wrench inspired cock ring and ass lock in one. One end is for your dick, and the other for a plug of your choosing. It comes in the awesome fluorescent yellow that Keepburning use on their other toys. It is available in black as well, if you think the yellow is a bit much.

It is pretty stretchy and it has a velvet texture with the Hoolalass name embossed on one side, and it is glossy and plain flat on the other.

Measurements are as follows: 6.5″ 16.5cm in total length, 2.35″ 6cm and 1.95″ 5cm in diameter. 1″ 2.3cm thick.

Keepburning Hoolalass

It fits comfortably around my cock and would do okay as a simple cock ring, although it would be dangling all over the place. Once a plug is fastened in the other end and it’s comfortably inserted – it really starts to tug on the cock end. Intense and fun. Surprisingly my dick grow to monstrous size while using this. That combined with a nice masturbator or a willing partner and you have the recipe for a hell of a ride!
The Hydro Plug

The plug I got with my Hoolalass is the one called Hydro. It is a very blunt plug with “wings” on two opposing sides. It means it is pretty wide, but it will only stretch you out in one direction which may make things a bit easier for some. If I am to compare it to something I have reviewed already, the closest match would be the Tantus A-Bomb. The width is almost exactly the same, however the Hydro is slimmer on the sides without the wings.

It measures: 3.1″ 8cm across its widest part, 2.2″ 5.5cm across the slim side. The base circumference is ~7.3″ 18.5cm and it is just over 5.9″ 15cm in length 4.3″ 11cm of which is insertable.

Keepburning Hydro Plug

I wish it had a bit more of a tip to it, as insertion is really tedious as it feels like trying to insert a very wide flat object (I imagine it would be similar to the feeling of inserting a soda can – I do not need to have this confirmed though). The sphincter must stretch from zero to max over just under half an inch. It is a chore to get it inserted. It goes without saying that this require some warm up, and that it is not for beginners.

Half a bottle of lube later and completely out of patience it’s in its rightful place between the cheeks. Once it’s in it does feel ok. It’s not as comfortable as I had hoped as its “neck” is pretty wide. But the most overwhelming part is during insertion.

Material-wise, the Hydro is fairly firm. It does have some squish to it, but it does not feel forgiving at all in my butt. Do not expect any help with insertion – it stays in shape as you use it.
The surface is plain, not really matte nor glossy, but somewhere in the middle. It has a somewhat rubbery feel to it – but once you add your preferred lubricant it becomes slick as can be. It can handle pure silicone lubes and water/oil based ones.

Quality-wise I find nothing negative to point out except the manufacturing seam running along the length of the plug.

This is for serious ass players that know their limits and prefer intense stretching. It is not a perfect fit for me. Honestly I think it feels a bit too rough and unforgiving. A sorter silicone would probably make it sweet though.