We-Vibe 3 Review

Ever had that problem in your house, to who has the control of the remote control? I know I have that issue, especially when my fella pops over for a visit. I knew how to settle this aged dispute, popping into my kitchen, I took my We-Vibe 3 out of it’s charging dock, with its remote control and playfully waved my ‘peace keeping’ efforts, his way.

Did it work? Pretty sure it did, I even had the choice of what film to watch that night!

The We-vibe 3 is a different sex toy, to those that just stimulate your clitoris or g-spot, as it does the job for both at the same time.

It is made from 100% medically graded silicone, 100% lead-free, phthalate-free, body safe and non-porous. With the added benefit of the we-vibe 3 being waterproof.

With the We-vibe 3 you get 1 x remote control, 1 dual sex toy, 1 x charging dock, 1 x wire charging plug and 1 x storage case lid.

The We-Vibe cwevibe3.1omes in a white and coloured oval box, with the product details clearly written on it. It is a rather tasteful design, although the packing does make an illusion that the we-vibe 3 is big but it is not.

This vibe toy comes in 3 colours – red, blue and purple.

The We-Vibe 3 measures 3 x 1.1 x 0.7″.

You are supplied with a small remote control, that allows you to start the vibe up, turn it off (hold the button down for 2 seconds) and flick through the 6 different modes; 2 x vibrations and 4 pulsations. To switch on the vibrator, there is a pinhead sized bump on top of the bigger end of the we-vibe 3 vibrator. You can also operator the modes from this small button and turn it off, by holding down for 2 seconds.

The We-vibe is U-shaped, the thicker end sits on your clitoris and the smaller end slips into your girly parts and sits on your g-spot. I was a little reluctant to try this, whilst having Mr Monkey inside me too but with a good about of lube, warming up and stretching, there is nothing to worry about. I admit that at first, the feeling of having the We-Vibe inside me, as well as the same time as Mr Monkey, was weird but once I got into the spin of things, the pressure of his penis, pushing the vibe against my G-spot, was extremely arousing!

Both ends of the We-Vibe have ridges on them but the smaller end, that is inserted inside you, has more predominant ridges, that you can really feel, especially with the vibrations going.

As the We-Vibe 3 is a waterproof vibrator, it is easy to clean; wash it in a sink of warm soapy water, ensuring that you have got into the ridges, dry it off and then spray a sex toy cleaner spray over your product. Touch dry and then leave to stand and fully dry. As the charger dock doubles up as storage, once cleaned, place the remote and we-vibe 3, in the charging dock and then place the lid on top.wevibe3.3

Mr Monkey Says: I really enjoyed this sex toy, Mrs JoJo let me take control of the We-vibe’s remote control, to which I had fun teasing her. I did have my reservations about how I would feel, when inside her but once things got going, the We-Vibe 3 just added to sensations being heightened. I really do like this sex toy, I’d swap the TV remote for the We-Vibe 3 remote, anytime. OK, I lied, TV remote would come first, when the footie is on!

The We-Vibe 3 retails for around £99.99 GBPs. Yes, it is a little on the pricy side but you are getting a good quality sex toy product and you can’t argue with quality! Would I recommend the We-Vibe 3 to my readers? Of course, it’s a fun couple’s toy to have in your bedside table.