Nexus Revo Prostate Massager Review

The Nexus Revo is supposedly this ‘generations’ male ‘it’ toy.

Nexus have come up with a little gem when it comes to anal play. The Revo is a prostate massager with a shaft that can simultaneously rotate anti-clock wise, whilst the base vibrates or you can simply just use the rotation without the vibration.

It’s made from 100% medical graded smooth silicone with a knobbly massager that sits neatly under the male’s undercarriage area. The base of this toy is made from an ABS material (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). It is non-porous, phthalate free and body safe, although it is not a waterproof product, sorry folks, no bath time fun to be had here! (Well, not in the shower anyway)

The Revo operates with 2 x AA batteries, which do not come with the product. At the smaller base end of this toy, is a cap that you can simply pull off and place the batteries inside. To operate this prostate massager, you will find an on/off button under the base end of the ‘undercarriage’ section. Pressing this button once will start the toy’s motion, with the anti-clock wise shaft rotation. Click the button again and the massager sets off on a pulsation vibration that goes in time with the shaft’s movements. Click the button again and the undercarriage section sets onto a long vibrate then pause for 1 second vibration. To switch off this anal toy, you need to click through the 3 settings.

The Nexus Revo comes in a stylish black box, with the product’s name on the front and a small circle in the bottom right hand corner which displays the color of which this toy is (in this case, it’s purple). The back of the box has the usual company spill about the toy, pretty much the same thing you’d get with any high end market toy. HOWEVER there is no information in regards to what this product is made out of, is it waterproof? hypoallergenic? Body safe? etc. It would be good to see this information on the outside of the product’s packaging.

Slipping a sleek black box out from inside the package sleeve, I was greet with a hardened cardboard box, that opened up to reveal the Revo product. Opening up the inside box was like opening up that first Christmas pressie on Christmas day…….an excitement to see what was waiting for me! There sat this purple and grey prostate massager with it’s own dust bag, what a bargain! So this packaging is not vulgar, it’s rather attractive, sleek, doubles up as a toy storage box, bar the lack of product information, it’s a good packaging.

As you may have read above, the Revo comes with it’s own velvet dust storage bag.

To wash is simply, use hot soapy water and bob’s ya uncle, your toys is clean as a whistle. You can also use a sex toy cleaner and baby wipes. Just keep in mind that this toy is not water proof, so be careful not to submerge this product.

As the Revo is 100% silicone, you can only use a water-based lubricant.

The RRP of this product is currently £120.00 GBP.


Length: 5.9″
Insertion length: 3.7″
Girth (widest): 4″
Base: 5.1″
Undercarriage: 2.4″ x 1.5″

His words: I’ve never tried an anal sex toy exactly like this and by reading what Nexus have to say about their Revo product, it sounds like they are onto a revolutionary gold mine! Now, I wouldn’t say it was revolutionary, it was an ‘experience’ that was one to be enjoyed but I wouldn’t go as far to say it was ‘explosive’.

I was impressed by the ‘undercarriage’ section. My ‘undercarriage’ is an area that I squirm to have gently massaged, whilst getting down to business. So I was egar to get this testing period on the road.

As the silicone material is soft and smooth, I didn’t need to use much water-based lube.

Once the toy was in, I took up my comfortable position and pressed the ‘on’ button. The shaft rotation was a pleasing sensation but I would have preferred it if you had the choice between clockwise and anti-clockwise. The vibrations, I am so-so on them but I feel if again, there were more options then the little time I spent with the Revo would have been much better.

The ‘on’ button is located near the end of the undercarriage area, so switching on/off etc was simple, no flaffing about.

When the Revo is in place, it felt comfortable for me, the head of the shaft is like a soft ball of silicone, slowly applying pressure to the P-spot.

I do feel like Nexus has sold this product short you have this fine, silky smooth silicone and a welcoming massager and then you have this dull greyish base that felt cheaper than a TV remote. For the price of £120.00, I would have expected a higher end material, it’s like Nexus have gone to all this trouble to invent a great toy and then threw it altogether at the last minute.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t dislike this prostate massager, it’s just that I felt it falls short. I would have much preferred 2 shaft rotation options, at least 2 more vibration/pulsation options and a smoother ABS plastic for the base. If Nexus readjusted this toy with those things, then I’d gladly fork out a tonne for a toy such as this.

I haven’t tried this toy out for myself, being as it’s a ‘boy toy’, it didn’t sit well in me. But as a reviewer I promise to give an honest opinion. After discussing this product in-depth with my fella, we both agreed that the Nexus Revo is a sleek toy, revolutionary? We are not totally sold on that aspect. The soft silicone has a good finishing to it, the fit and staying in place whilst in use, no issues with that. But our conclusion is that for a high-end product being sold at £120.00 GBP, it needed tweaking.

Ny fella has a valid point; I felt it needed 2 rotation options, clock wise and anti-clock wise and a couple of extra undercarriage vibration options. Throw that in with changing the ABS base to something that doesn’t feel as cheap, then £120.00 GBP wouldn’t be too much to ask but at this point, we feel that the price range is too high.

Nexus has a good customer service team, prompt, informative and helpful. Their postage and packaging is fast and discreet, with no signs that the parcel is coming from an adult product company.

If the price was half it’s amount, then I would recommend spending your well earned cash but we are not sold on a high value toy with only a little to offer. It operates well for what it has and he was impressed with his sanctification fix but for the RRP, it really does need an adjustment.

Nexus Revo Prostate Massager