Meo Anal Master Review

The Anal Master from Meo is truly a unique anal toy product. It’s a plug and an anal pacifier in one. Easy and comfortable insertion but a completely restrained feeling without discomfort.


Made entirely out of stainless steel and anodized aluminum, this heavy-duty butt plug has wings that expand when the key is turned. Perfect to lock it into place. And once it’s inserted and expanded, only the bravest of anal connoisseurs will be able to get it out without using the key to collapse it.

The Anal Master is delivered in this handy storage case, along with two condoms, a padlock, keys and instructions. The plug is secured by a rubber band in the top compartment of the case, while the accessories are located in the mesh pocket in the bottom compartment. The plug itself is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap for shipping.

One thing that was not as clear as I’d like is – what to do with the attached rubber band. The instructions state to keep the rubber collar securely in place, and I assume that it refers to the rubber ring keeping the wings together. I went with removing the band and keep the ring in place (like in the picture below).

It is recommended to use a condom over the plug to keep things nice and comfortable and to reduce cleaning. Other than that, it is pretty straight forward to insert. It is a little blunt and by no means small in its closed position, so inserting it can take some time.

Once all 11cm is inserted it feels comfortable and not really stretching anything that much, which is nice. The cold sensation of the metal is really pleasurable. It can also be heated for a different sensation. The weight of the plug makes it want to slide out by itself, but turn the key a few rounds and that is not going to happen.

It widens considerably from 40mm to a diameter of 85mm, which means it is easy to tailor just how full to feel and how hard it is going to be to remove it without consent. Having it inserted feels surprisingly simple, other than the fact that it wont come out. I was expecting more of a stuffed and stretching sensation, but that’s not really the case. It’s probably a good thing as it allows for prolonged use and can be incorporated into different scenarios.

The plug also includes a sturdy locking pin that attach to the padlock in order to completely immobilize the receiver. Please keep the extra padlock key in a safe place, just in case. Note that it does not come with an extra key to expand/collapse the plug. You only have one shot before the locksmith is the only option.

The plug itself is very sturdy and well-built. It is comfortable to use, but does its job as a chastity device very well. The neck of the plug with the hinge mechanisms are a bit rough, but I never experienced that as an issue during use. Also the base rests comfortably between the cheeks, but the key hole extends quite a bit making sitting down with the plug uncomfortable.

It is fairly easy to remove the plug with the key, although it does take some time to collapse it completely. I was worried about pinching when doing so, but the wings do not shut firmly together. They are held in place by that rubber band, which means they just gently close together.

Meo Anal Master

This plug is clearly a product for people who know what they’re doing. This means I should stay far away, but you know – broadening the horizons and what not. Still it is simple to use, comfortable and not nearly as scary as I first thought.

I did come over something slightly troubling though. The plug works by having a screw rod (that is attached to the base and key) that screws into the metal ball in the tip. This pulls the ball closer to the base and forcing the wings open. If the plug is fully expanded and the wings get a little pressure around them while at the same time the key is turned (very firmly) a bit further – the screw gets such a tight fit and it can get stuck. Resulting in the ball and the screw/key to twist together without releasing. Applying the same pressure on the wings to keep the ball still for a moment while turning the key does the trick, but can you imagine the scare?!

I would like to see a stopper that prevented this from happening, but as long as you don’t twist it too hard in the last bit it seems to be just fine. Please treat it with proper respect.

Overall it is a great quality product in amazing materials that are hygienic and easy to keep clean. It is solid and has a very nice weight to it. Probably one of the best anal chastity devices out there. And judging by the other reviews, it is a big hit.

A great anal chastity device in high quality aluminum and stainless steel. Providing a nice filling sensation without any major stretching of the sphincter muscle. Not too intense, but it definitely gets the job done!