Bcurious by Bswish Review

The Bcurious by Bswish is a 7 multi-speed massager. It is a sleek looking toy, lightweight and silky soft to the touch.

It comes in a very tasteful black/white and pink coloured box, there is nothing vulgar about the packaging with this product. You will find the product information on one side, the size of the product on the other side and a general company statement with pictures on the back and front. Upon opening the product box, I was greeted with a black curvaceous toy, an adapter, a velvet pouch to keep the toy in and dust free, as well as an instruction manual.

This vibrating massager is made from a mixture of ABS plastic ((Acrylonitrile – Butadiene – Styrene ) and silicone, making this product phthalate/latex free and non-porous. It also has 7 different speeds (3 vibrations and 4 pulsations), all of which are pretty powerful. The Bcurious is 4 inches in length and 1.6” in width, when holding it in the palm of your hand, I can safely say that this toy does literally feel feather light, light there is nothing to it!

The instruction manual states it takes 2hrs to fully charge and you should get 2hrs straight usage out of it. After testing this out myself,I can confirm it does take 2hrs to fully charge, however the usage time does slightly differ. If I used the massager straight without turning it off it can last between 110-120 mins but if I use it by starting and stopping in intervals, it will last a good 150 mins on an average.

You also get up to 60 days standby but common sense would say if you had fully charged it and used it during that time, you may have IMAG0695to recharge it again.

The Bcurious is 100% waterproof and as a reviewer, I felt I needed to test this out. I left the vibrator in a bath full of water (1ft deep) for 15 minutes. This product past the waterproof test but I did worry with the recharging portal, it may cause issues with keeping this toy sealed but I need not worry. I have been advised that the product will remain waterproof, as long as you ensure the rubber plugging is closed.

Testing this little sex toy out, was a pleasure. The speeds from the lowest vibration to the last pulsation are all breathtaking in my experience. It’s easy to flick through the variations, as there are 2 button on the non-pointy end to switch on/off and a button to move through the speeds. Another little gem is that this toy is practically silent, yes you can hear it when you are using it but when I was making the demonstration video for this product, I could hear the vibrations/sounds, which made it hard to demonstrate the pulses/vibrations.

Washing this product is simple, being waterproof adds to the ease of washing it in soapy water.

I would advise not to use certain lubricants with this toy, especially hand creams, acetones, alcohols. My advice would be to stick with water-based solutions.

This massager sells for around £60.00 GBP, which I feel is a fair price, not only do you receive a practically quiet toy but one that is waterproof, strong and pleasing to the eye, along with a dust bag and charger.