Rocks Off Naughty Boy Review

Is this unusual shaped toy the the best in prostate stimulation? It sure does something.



Rocks Off is a company from the UK that makes quality sex toys at a reasonable price. Their Naughty Boy is an interesting toy, with its gadgety look. It is made of a firm silicone which is body safe and odor free. It comes in blue, red and black like mine. You get one included battery so you can try it out immediately. It does use N-type batteries which is not as widely available as other battery types. You could always grab a couple extra at the store when purchasing this. It holds one at a time.
Packaging and info

The toy comes delivered in a hard cardboard box with a see through window on the front, and some information about the toy and male pleasure points on the back. The box is solid enough to be used as storage to keep dust and lint away from the toy when it is not in use.

Included is the Rocks Off 80mm Bullet. It is a one speed, bullet shaped vibrator suitable for pinpoint stimulation on various places. The bullet itself is fully waterproof and made of hard plastic and fits other Rocks Off Products as well. The color of the bullet will match the silicone sleeve you get. I was a bit disappointed to find out as I was sure it was made out of metal. It is nice and shiny though.

The size of this toy is not intimidating at all, and it would be suitable for beginners in the anal department. The silicone this toy is made of is very firm and has almost no give to it. This is supposed to help the vibrations travel along the toy and to give extra pressure to the prostate. Although it is quite slim and bendy and therefore does not apply enough pressure for me. Other than that I like the material, it is very velvety (matte) and holds on to lubricant well. There is a tiny mold line around the whole toy but it is not noticeable during use.

This toy is supposed to be used with the pointy end inserted up the bum, with the wider base resting on the perineum. Though its weird shape does not feel quite right, and it does take some time to get it in place. Even then it does not want to stay in place, so hands free play is not possible unless you sit on it. And with the big base pressing against your perineum, it isn’t that comfortable either.

When the toy is lubed up it is very slick and easy to insert, but like mentioned it is tricky to get it correctly into place. Also because it being a slim toy, you can’t really expect this to fill you up. I would suggest you up your size if you are not a beginner.

When you turn on the vibrations you only have one speed to deal with, so it is one click on and one click off. A one button action that is simple enough. The vibrations do engulf the whole toy, but as the bullet is located in the part of the toy that stays on the outside of your body that’s where the vibrations will be most powerful. It would seem like a much more powerful male sex toy if the vibrations originated from the tip pressing against the P-spot. But sadly that is not the case.

RO80 & Sleeve

Even though the RO80 bullet is acclaimed for being one of the most powerful bullets available it simply does not provide enough rumble to satisfy completely. By all means the vibrations does feel good, but it’s lacking that final wow factor. Not that I expect the world from a bullet vibrator. Because of the size they can never be ultra strong. However, it helps intensify the act a bit. It is certainly a different feeling, enjoyable more or less. The vibrator is also fairly quiet – comparable to a vibrating razor.

Being a waterproof silicone and plastic toy, cleaning could not be easier. Wash with warm water and soap. Spritz with sex toy cleaner and dry. For thorough cleaning the silicone sleeve can be boiled, bleached and put in the dishwasher. The vibrating bullet can be wiped with an alcohol or bleach solution.

The Rocks off Naughty Boy is not all it is said to be – But to add a little more bang to your masturbation sessions or start exploring anal pleasures it is a nifty little toy. The price is good, and I guess it is worth the cost as this is a quality toy.