Wax Play 101

One of my favorite fetishes, has to be wax play! I can’t get enough of it, from collecting all different types of candles, to dripping them on a willing participant or being dripped on. The feeling is euphoric for me and one that I cherish and adore.

But there are things that you need to know, you can’t use just any candle. Safety plays a role in this bondage kink, otherwise you could hurt/burn you and your partner.

Let’s talk about wax; there are a variety of different materials that can be used to make candles, the most common ones are Beeswax, Dipping Wax, Paraffin, Soy and Mould wax. But not all of these make for good wax play, as it comes down to the melting temperature points.

A Beginners Guide to the Ultimate Bondage Experience

This is where I should have paid attention in my Chemistry lessons at school, instead of doodling on books and melting biro pens! There are two temperatures that need to be considered with candles that you use for wax play, melting point and latent heat.

When a substance changes state (goes from solid to liquid etc), energy is consumed and given out, this is where a burn could easily happen on the skin, if using a wax that is not suited. Confused yet? No? Good! Melting points for waxes are as follows:

Paraffin wax – 55c
Soy – 49c – 82c
Mould wax – 60-62c
Beeswax – 62c
Dipping wax – 65c

Make Me Melt Warm Drip Candles

To put it in easier terms, basically if a wax has a high melting point, it’s cooling point will need to be high too. Paraffin wax has a lower melting point and thus would cool at a latent heat of a lower temperature. Beeswax has a higher melting point, therefore it’s latent heat would be of a high temperature, making beeswax more of a burning factor on a person’s skin and therefore causing damage. This is why Paraffin wax is a common practice in candles that are sold for Wax play.

When a candle is made from a pure material, it burns at a lower temperature.

BUT this is where a curve ball comes into play. Colours in Paraffin candles can essentially make wax feel cooler or hotter on the skin. It’s not a bad thing at all, some people have claimed that yellow paraffin wax seems cooler, when it hits the skin, than say red or black, which seems to be slightly warmer than white candles. This is something you need to play around with but it is fun too.

Avoid candles that are scented or have metal wicks, as these burn higher and could cause burning to the skin.

And now the fun part!

Before you start the fun and games, make sure you are not about to ruin your bedding or carpets. Fact – Wax is an arse to get out of carpets, no matter how hard you try……I know this from experience.

The Ododi Guide to Bondage

Adjusting to the feelings and sensations

You can regulate the temperature of a wax candle, as it hits your skin, from the distance that the candle is held away from the chosen body part. Holding it close to the skin, will ensure a hotter sensation and holding the candle up high and allowing it to drip, will be a cooler sensation. My advice would be to start dripping from a higher level and work your way from there.

Allow your partner to adjust to the feelings and sensations, as the wax settles on his or her skin.

When dripping a candle, I would advise that you slowly turn the candle around in a clockwise/anti-clockwise motion, as this allows the candle to burn evenly.

I love the feeling of wax being slowly dripped onto my spin and have my partner running the drips up my spin. Not only is this feeling erotic but it has a relaxation feeling and helps with releasing any pent up daily tensions I may have.

Erotic areas for women are the breasts/nipples and vagina, for men, it’s their testicles, penis and thighs, which are equally as sensitive. You could be daring with your man and drip wax over his penis when it is soft and see if he can break the wax casing, as he gets hard.

Basically, you can have a lot of fun with wax play but do keep in mind that if you are dripping wax on a hairy area, it’s not going to be a pleasant experience removing that wax. I would suggest a good shave or wax, before you venture into wax play for the first time.

Massage candles are another option, if you are not feeling bold enough to use Paraffin candles, as they seem to be of a lesser heat.

Most of all, have fun, enjoy your play time with candles. Use your partner as a plain canvas and create a master piece!

Bondage Tips for Beginners