Vorze A10 Cyclone SA Review

If you’re familliar with the brand of male masturbators called Rends, you know that these Japanese contraptions are unique and high quality products. From the makers of Rends comes this new brand new product series called Vorze. A10 Cyclone SA is a fully automated masturbation machine and boy does it deliver.

The Vorze A10 Cyclone is a beast in terms of size and there is no question why they refer to it as the worlds first intimate household product. This thing is huge, sturdy and very powerful. Made of quality ABS plastic with some kind of rubber coating on the bottom end and around the opening for the orifice. The user removable parts are all held in place by magnets and it is super easy to take apart.

The main unit can be separated from the sleeve holder and end cap. You get a glimpse of the rotating parts above – everything is incredibly sturdy and not to mention quiet. It is by far the most discreet male sex toy I have ever used. Sure, it makes a buzz on the higher intensities, but it still super quiet. It does never get in the way of the experience and can not even be heard through a closed door.

The removable sleeve is to be placed into the sleeve holder like so. It fits onto six pins to secure it in place. The great thing about Vorze A10 Cyclone SA is that a number of different sleeves are available for it. All come with different textures so you’d be sure to find something to fit your preferences. The sleeves are super soft and squishy in the same fashion as Fleshlights, although a bit on the shorter side. Initially they do have a slight parafin-like smell that does disappear after a few days.

The sleeves are a little rough around the edges, but seem solid enough. The end is closed up to avoid a mess. Also because the unit itself is not waterproof.

When the appropriate amount of lube is applied (which is a whole bucket load) it is easy to insert use the toy. It feels fairly snug similar to the Fleshjack Go. Once the sleeve starts rotating things definitely gets interesting. My Vorze sleeve is called Spiral, which is a medium intense texture. It has ribs that twist into the depths of the sleeve. Not all that fancy or complex.

I must say, It feels very nice. Almost like small flaps spiraling around the head and shaft of the penis. This is very intense and I never last long using the Vorze. As the lube dries out it grabs onto the skin a bit more and twist it. That does not feel too sexy, so plenty of lube is a must.

The great thing is that the Vorze Cyclone never slows down unlike the Zini Dib Bang! Bang! My scepticism of rotating penis stimulators has vanished. Thank you Rends!

Another neat function is that Vorze A10 Cyclone can connect to any computer with the included USB dongle. Combine this with the Vorze Player and a movie script (same as for the Realtouch) and you have a interactive experience that follows what’s happening on screen. Apart from some small connection issues it works pretty well and is fully plug and play.

Manual controls are simple as well. The power button is held to turn on and off the device. Plus and minus buttons control the speed while the arrows adjust the rotation settings. The middle button lights up in different colors according to the way it rotates. It also pause the device mid action.

Maintenence is just as simple as removing the sleeve and washing it with warm water and wiping off the unit with a cloth. The charger is plugged in at the bottom. A few hours charge time enables a an hour or so worth of playtime.

Vorze A10 Cyclone A10 overall

It is an awesome sex toy and it feels like being stimulated by a cushioning tornado. It is so great with the rift lubricant but not so good with the wrong one. The included lube is not the best. It dries too quickly. It produces some heavy organs,s and the hands free action is just icing on the cake. The bad thing is the price. At almost £270 it it will leave a mark in the wallet, but it truly is worth it. A sleeve is not included, but that way you can pick what you want.

A heavenly intense and powerful masturbator that never fails. Remove able sleeves and computer sync makes it a truly unique and customizable experience. It’s huge and expensive but very high quality and super silent.


A10 Cyclone SA Plus Vorze Masturbator