Europe Magic Wand Review

The Europe Magic Wand is Denmark’s answer to the Magic Wand Original, and an alternative wand massager for everyone in Europe to use.

At first look it does seem to borrow a lot from the Magic Wand Original, it has almost the same design apart from a rubber coated click button and a metal ball-top head. It also got 6 different steady settings ranging from deep and rumbly lows to the madly intense but slightly more buzzy highs.


The vibrator looks to be built with the highest quality standards in mind. It is big (length: 32 cm, circumference: 18.5 cm), heavy, sturdy and is CE approved. It also got a whole bunch of other certifications. Unlike the Magic Wand Original, this one supports 240 volt – which is the European current power level. It also comes with a standard EU two pin plug, and around 2.3 meters worth of cord length. The head is made partially in metal, which surely is good for something.

Europe Magic Wand

Europe Magic wand is controlled by a rubber coated click button. One click of the plus button first turns on the massager, and then increase the power. One click of the minus button decrease the power until it shuts off. It has to be clicked all the way down to the lowest setting to turn off, which is not very discreet in the moment of need. Other than that I am pleased to say everything is working perfectly. I love how sturdy everything is – even the buttons feel great and gives a nice clicky response.

The standard cap that comes with the Europe Magic Wand closely resembles the one of the Hitachi, but it has a few quite intense seams I’m not to fond about. To provide some extra comfort, the cap is padded with some kind of foam sheets on the inside. Everything comes apart for easy cleaning. The outer cap is made in glorious silicone. I tried to set fire to it (that’s what we call a silicone flame test), and it resisted nicely. It is also non porous, not sticky, body safe and odour free.
Vibrations in use

The Europe Magic Wand is insane. When I first tried it I was blown away by the strength even on the lower settings. I haven’t got a chance to try the Original Magic Wand, so I can’t really compare those. But I did try another lookalike (with an orange neck) and it was nowhere near this. This leads me to believe that there are huge gaps between different wands claiming to be the European equivalent of the Hitachi.

Honestly I prefer the lower end of the power scale as those give the deepest vibrations. As the intensity is cranked up everything becomes more superficial, albeit still very strong. It’s nice to mix things up once in a while.

One neat thing that offers a nice amount of variety is that it works even without direct skin contact. Through clothes, pillows and sheets – no problem. It’s actually pretty straight forward to use, I just tend to hold it against the frenulum, and it does its thing and brings out some intense orgasms fairly quick.

Europe Magic Wand is produced by Amok Marketing and they come with their own attachments in pure silicone. They are both in this gorgeous blue color matching the device itself. Good choice dodging that pink, eh? The two attachments are mainly focused towards women, but have some use for us guys as well. Both of them are made in the most luxurious, silkiest silicone ever. They feel SO good to touch, I almost can’t believe it.

Europe Magic Wand Attachments

This is the Genius and Genio. Genius is a g-spot massager that works perfectly for reaching the prostate. It does have quite the heavy curve making insertion a bit quirky, but it is flexible enough that it will straighten out somewhat once inserted. And boy does this feel intense! With the vibrations turned on, even on the lowest setting the direct stimulation is almost overwhelming.

Europe Magic Wand

Genio is an attachment that is designed to stimulate the clitoris and vulva for the women, but it works perfect for all over body massage and along the shaft of the penis. Lube it up, and slide it where it feels good. The small nubs provide some extra texture which is nice. Other than that most Magic Wand Original/Hitachi attachments should fit as well.

Europe Magic Wand Box

Lastly I want to comment on the packaging which is exceptionally tasteful. The sturdy box is neutral while showing off the toy. Nothing rally indicates it’s designed as a sex toy. And it looks unisex, which is something I love.
Europe Magic Wand overall

While this wand is a really great vibrator with a quality build, long cord and body safe attachments – it’s not something that will work for everyone. Vibrations are a great thing when in this magnitude, but some people may not get the desired stimulation from it. With attachments however it’s possible to get all sorts of fun out of this. It is quite possible to climax with this, as a male. Even through clothes, it is pretty effortless. The device also works well with a partner to force orgasms, and can be easily taped or bound to the body.

Both of you will get so much out of this toy. I have never heard one bad word from women about these toys, other than that they may be a little TOO intense. Add attachments to get a male masturbator and internal stimulation for both.