Key Nyx Mini Massager Review

I am a self-confessed bullet fan, in fact I think the majority of my sex toy collection contains an array of bullets.

To add on to the top of this statement, I am also leaning towards the Key line of adult products from Jopen. They really are coming out with an assortment of goodies for us! are an online Adult Boutique, not a store. By this, they source only the best and purely made adult products. They care about satisfaction from your purchases to how you enjoy your product. If you visit their site, you will find yourself indulged in a beauty of dildos, vibrators, lingerie and much much more. Not only do they supply sex toys, they also have their own media blog. You will find many posts on products, need-to-knows and interviews, it really it worth pulling up your laptop, with a cuppa and shifting through their pages of galore and knowledge.

I was kindly sent the Key Nyx Mini Massager from the Jopen range, to review.

I have been impressed with Key for a fair few months, considering they are an all American brand by Jopen. OK, don’t get me wrong, Jopen are a decent sex toy company but it seems to me that US manufacturers seems to be pumping out sex toys en-mass, without the quality that is desired.

Back to the main subject; The Nyx Mini Massager is a sleek bullet vibrator that is encased in a silicone sleeve. It is easy to remove, simply slide out with the least pressure.

The Nyx comes in a sleek black and purple box. It does show the product on the front of the box, allowing you to see what product you are viewing, before removing it from it’s packaging. Key are confident in themselves with this product, seeing as the tag line on the front of the Nyx box states “It’s your lucky night” but we shall see what my thoughts are, as this review progresses.

The product box has all the relevant information stated on the back and sides of the packaging, which I do like to see.

Sliding the top of the box off, I am presented with a black box, that has a door that you open, showing this bullet in it’s safe storage. The Nyx Mini Massager comes with a satin material dust cover bag and an instruction manual. As this is not a rechargeable product, you will need to supply your own 1 x AA battery. I would advise to get a decent brand, even a rechargeable one, which will save you money in the long run.

The Nyx Mini Massager is made from a mixture of 100% silicone (bullet sleeve) and ABS plastic (bullet). It is 5″ in length and has a width of 1.2″. This product is body safe, non-porous, phthalate free but unfortunately is not waterproof.

To place the AA battery into the Nyx bullet, you simply unscrew til the lid of the bullet pops off, place your battery in and close the lid. On top of the lid is this bullets control button (on/off/speeds).

The Nyx Mini Massager has 5 speeds; a mixture of 3 vibrations and 2 pulses. To switch on, press the button once, then select again to move through the pattern stages, to switch off at anytime, hold the button down for 3 seconds, at any time during use.

The RRP for the Key Nyx Mini Massager is currently that of £34.99 GBP.

To use is simple, nothing complicated about that but was I enthusiastic about this larger bullet? I would say I am 50/50 with my decision. It is a good sized sex toy but it is let down by it being battery run and not rechargeable. With a battery, the power starts draining after 30 mins, when used constantly (this is why I advise to use a good brand and rechargeable). Personally I feel, with using previous rechargeable products that this bullet would gain a longer usage life. I was only really interested in using the stronger vibration mode, all the others just weren’t powerful enough to get my engine started. It’s not to say that the power isn’t strong, it is in stages but personally, I do lean towards bullets that have a hard/faster constant vibration, pulses are pretty much like a tease for me!

The silicone sleeve feels lovely against the skin, although I would say that you need to use a water-based lubricant, I found I needed a couple of drops to stop any friction feeling. You can use the Nyx without it’s sleeve but then it just becomes and average finger type bullet/vibrator. I did find it is good to use as a teasing step for my partner, he loved the sensation of the Nyx being run over his balls and shaft.

To clean is pretty easy but as this is not a waterproof product, it can not be submerged. I would clean with hot soapy water and a clean clothe, even use an antibacterial sex toy cleaner spray.

The packaging is eye catching, attractive and informative, I can’t pick up a fault with this.

But as for the price, I’m still mulling over this. Now, the Nyx does lack in things for me; not waterproof, not rechargeable, pretty much a finger bullet once the sleeve is removed. Considering these issues for me, I would prefer to pay £20.00 GBP for the Nyx. But this is my own personal opinion. Don’t get me wrong on this, it isn’t a rubbish massager but it could do with some obvious improvements.

Is this Jopen skiving out on selling an expensive product and supply a good looking but cheaper made product? Pretty much think so. But it does do the job, so can’t complain much on that aspect.