Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection Review

I am a self-confessed Rocks Off sex toy junkie, so when I was asked if I would review the Rocks Off Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection, there was only one answer I could give…..Hell yes!

Rocks Off Ltd have a wide range and variety of bullets, it’s what they are practically known for and with good reason. I’ve not met a Rocks Off product that hasn’t blown my socks off.


The parcel arrived immaculately wrapped, addressed correctly and with no sign that this package came from an adult sex toy company. Discretion is a key!

Opening up my goodie package, I was greeted with a sensual square box, that showed off its contents on the front cover, like it was a smooth piece of galaxy chocolate waiting to be nibbled on! Slipping the inside box out, I was able to view the 3 Rocks Off stimulator, which were comforted in a velvet mold.

The contents of the Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Vibrator collection are as follows;

1 x RO 100mm soft tip bullet,
1 x RO 120mm G-spot Vibe bullet
1 x RO 160mm bullet.

All of which come in a pink-purple theme. Batteries are included with these products.

The RO 100 is made from ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) with a silicone soft tipped point. It has 3 speeds; 2 vibrations and 1 pulsation.

The RO 120 is made from silicone and has a curved tip that sits on a lady’s g-spot and massages it. It is a rigid vibrator but the silicone covering does make it feel soft. It has 5 speeds; 3 vibrations and 2 pulsations.

The RO 160 is made from a metallic plated ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene. It has 7 speeds; 4 vibrations and 3 pulsations.

All the above products are waterproof/submersible, latex and phthalate free, non-porous and body safe. To switch these bullets on/off; press the button on the base of the bullet once, to flick through the speeds, just click the button once and to turn the bullet off, hold the button down for 2 seconds.


RO 100mm – 4″ x 2.7″ 1 x Size N 1.5v

RO 120mm – 4.25″ x 3.4″ 2 x AAA’S

RO 160mm – 6″ x 4″ 2 x AA’s

I really do like the soft tip of the RO 100mm, it allows you to add pressure to your clitoris, the max speed of the 3 vibrations, is perfect for me and it is easy to operate, whilst in use. I am a big fan on the RO 80mm
bullet, so this 100mm is a step up.

The RO 120mm G-spot bullet was a new treat for me, as I have not had the pleasure of trying it out, until now and what can I say? It ro2didn’t let me down, one little bit! It hit my g-spot with ease, although I did wish it was a little bit longer. But for clitoral stimulation, it hits the jack pot!

The RO 160mm, for me, is the BIG BANG of the Rocks Off range. I love it! I have previously reviewed this product, which can been seen here (please click) . I would suggest that this is the bullet that you need to add to your collection, if you like power, you won’t be let down!

All 3 of these toys, do need to have lubricant used with them. I found that friction was an issue but then that may just be down to me and being a little OTT with keenness! Personally, I would stick with a water based lubricant, rather than a silicone based product.

As these Rocks Off products are waterproof (as long as the caps are screwed on tightly), it makes them sex toy cleaner, you can pick up a decent cleaner for less that £10.00 GBP with Strawberry Blushes. Always remember that sex toy hygiene is a must! Not only for health reasons but also to prolong the life of your sex toy.

I would clean with warm soapy water and a clothe, ensuring that you get into the embossed logo of the ‘Rocks Off’ badge that is placed of the bullet’s body. You can also use an antibacterial sex toy wash.

The Sweet Satisfaction Bullet Collection retails for £53.99 GBP but Strawberry Blushes currently have it reduced to £44.95. To show you what a bargain you are getting, the RRP’s of each of these bullets are; RO 100 – £15.00 average, RO 120mm – £20.00 average, RO 160mm – £22.00 average. So that wouldbe £57.00 in total but as a trio, with this collection, you are saving £12.50 GBP! I can’t argue with that pricing, it’s a steal!