Vixen Creations Maverick Review

The creator of this fine piece of dildo is Vixen Creations. It is made in VixSkin which is a pretty nice combination of silicone. To be honest, I had no clue how this would feel as there aren’t really anything like it out there.

Maverick is a realistic dildo made with two different types of silicone. A firm core with a delicious soft outer layer. This is a process often called Dual Density. It’s the same principle as Tantus’ O2 (Adam, Cush & Mark). VixSkin is just a whole lot softer to touch. The surface layer of Maverick can be compared to Superskin. If you’ve ever touched a Fleshlight or Tenga, you know the feeling. I love it. Still, it’s mostly the head and the underside of the dildo that has that level of softness. The rest of the dildo are more supported by the firm core.

Maverick is a pretty big dildo, with a nice curve and a very bulbous head. It is delivered in a plastic tube with removable end caps. It is perfect for storage when the dildo is not in use. It probably goes without saying, but this dildo is completley safe for anal use. The wide base has a integrated suction cup that opens up alot of possibilities. It is pretty strong, but works best on glass and tiles.Sizewise, Maverick is deliciously filling. Even though its large, the squishy surface makes it so its never uncomfortable. Of course with this size there will be some stretching on penetration, but thats a stimulation many prefer. The length is just under 20cm and the circumference is 14.5cm – 15 com.

Vixen Creations Maverick

The surface is as mentioned pretty soft, and actually a tiny bit sticky feeling. A little lube solves that problem, but it sure needs a lot! Maverick is super comfortable to use, but it do need some guidence during insertion, otherwise it just bends away. The surface layer give the anal muscles something to clench around. I like it. This makes it alot easier to take something this big, especially compared to the more traditional firmer dildos.

And that head? Amazing. It brushes by the prostate with each thrust, and even though its squishy it can definitley be felt. Its not that kind of direct stimulation a firmer more curved toy would give, but that thickness intensify the stimulation it gives.

Vixen creations Maverick has a faint skin-texture that gives it a fairly realistic appearance (a a slight friction during use). It has no seams or blemishes and the quality is felt in every part of the toy. This has to be one of the dildoes I have tested that feels the most lifelike as well. It has a depth to it unlike anything I have tried. In hand it feels a lot softer than the real deal, but my ass does not complain.

Silicone is super easy to maintain. Simply wash with soap and water before and after use. Combine that with a sex toy cleaner, boiling water or a bleach solution to disinfect. Silicone can normally be thrown in the dishwasher, but this super soft surface may not like that.

I reccomend you store the dildo in the tube, as it is practical, compact and it keeps all the dust away.
In a few words: Vixen Creations Maverick

Vixen Creations makes expensive sex toys, that’s no secret. They cost around $100-200. I was a bit sceptical if a dildo could be worth that kind of price tag. I was sold instantly. It is just as a dildo should be – perfect in any way. I can not imagine anyone regretting a purchase of one of these.

Vixen Creations Maverick is a beautiful, perfect dildo. VixSkin is truly a remarkable combination, and a perfect choice for amazing dildos. I love the shape, the texture, the surface, that suction cup… Yes. I love the entire thing! It is big and would be perfect for those with some experience. There are a smaller type with a similar design, I’m sure is just as good.