Njoy Pure Wand Review

The Njoy Pure Wand is somewhat legendary. But it is also a product that has a few contradicting experiences floating around the internet. This requires my attention and at the same time brings a male opinion to the table.

Njoy is a manufacturer of extremely high quality, stainless steel pleasure products. They are simple, stunning and easy to use. Don’t let the pink accents to the packaging fool you. These products are all perfectly unisex and works exceptionally well with the male anatomy if you stick them up your butt – for some delightful anal stimulation.

Njoy Pure Wand is so simple, yet genius in its design. So much that I find it strange that no one else has made anything like it. The thing is very heavy, even being prepared it still felt massive in person. The two bulbous ends are used for easy targeting of the prostate regardless of your experience level. The wonderful curve will do most of the work for you while at the same time keeping it anal safe (even without a flared base).

It measures 8 inches (20.5cm) in length, 11 inches (28cm) following the outer curve. The bulbs measure 1 inch (2.5cm) and 1.5 inches (4cm) in diameter which equals to 4.5 inches (11.5cm) and 3.2 inches (8cm) in circumference. It also weighs in at half a kilo.

The presentation is very nice. The Pure wand comes nestled in a hard and sturdy black box with a satin inlay. It’s wrapped in a white sleeve with only the logo and some basic description. Everything is very well designed and simple. The box itself is perfect for safe storage. And it only has the Njoy logo in silver on the top lid. The package includes nothing but the toy and a little leaflet, and rightfully so. Any additions would increase the already premium price tag.

If you haven’t experienced real stainless steel products before – this is a revelation. It feels cold to the touch, incredibly rigid but so amazingly smooth. With lube, it has no friction what so ever and this makes it both focused and exceptionally easy to use. As soon as the bulb is inserted, it glides into place resting against the prostate. That is very cool. It usually hits the spot pretty well, especially using the large end. The weight pulls it towards the correct place. Initially it feels chilling, and it is actually a very pleasant feeling. After a while it heats up to body temperature and it feels almost like a heat source of its own. Temperature play is a great way to experience different sensations and one of the benefits with metal sex toys.

Starting out with the small end is not much trouble at all, and it works wonders for warm up. The only annoyance is that it must be cleaned before using the other end. Otherwise it is impossible to handle, as the Pure Wand gets really slippery when covered in lube and other fluids. The big end is the true pleasure magician providing a substantial and filling sensation. Yet it is very comfortable as the shaft gets slimmer towards the middle. This ensures that the sphincter muscles can relax and the focus remains on the internal massage.

The best way to use the Pure Wand is to insert it with the preferred end and pointing it towards the belly button from the inside. The end sticking out acts as a handle. It can be pushed down – like a lever – to increase pressure on the prostate, or pushed down slightly while pulling out for wider range of motion that feels more like a traditional prostate massage. This piece of metal is nothing short of amazing. I have never felt such intense stimulation from a manual toy, it’s simply amazing. Because of the rigid material it feels deeply penetrating and the sensations radiate from the prostate and triggering an explosive orgasm unlike anything else I have tried. I suggest taking it easy as it can sometimes be too much direct contact.

It’s not really a thrusting sex toy, but it works great with firm pressure. Other than that, it honestly does not do much. Not that I feel like it’s a bad thing.

It does take a bit of work, and it’s heavy. Sexual pleasure is the best workout there is in my opinion, and Njoy Pure Wand the perfect tool. I don’t care if you like anal sex or not – this is simply a must have. While it is easy to use and pleasurable from the get go, it has somewhat of a learning curve to master it completely. I’m not there yet myself, but every time it gets more enjoyable. The aspect of temperature play adds another fun aspect to an already great toy. It is obvious that stainless steel is one of the ultimate sex toy materials out there. What’s even more amazing is that every lube on the planet is compatible. This means you can pair the already slick surface with your preferred source of added slipperiness. Not much is needed. After use it is cleaned with soap and water and polished to a gleaming mirror finish. It is non porous and perfectly safe to share as long as it is sterilized in between.

As for alternative uses, this wand is perfect for self massage of those painful trigger points in the neck and shoulder area. Who would have thought?

Easy to use, simple to clean and sterilize, completely body safe and very pleasurable. What it lacks in bells and whistles it makes up for in performance and quality. Explosive orgasms and intense prostate stimulation is unlocked using the Pure Wand.


Njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo