Aneros DeVice Review

Today we take a look at one of Aneros’ classic prostate stimulators. Namely DeVice. It shares its shape with the vibrating Vice – But this time it doesn’t have room for a bullet vibe, it’s filled with silicone instead. Is it a downgrade or what?


Aneros is one company I have always found very fascinating. Aneros specialize in male prostate stimulation and delivers quality silicone products. The presentation is solid, discreet and unified through and through. Just take a look at their website to see what I mean.


The DeVice is a silicone prostate massager without a vibrator. It has a good size and is perfectly girthy. The toy is seamless black silicone with an amazing velvety surface. This makes it water proof, body safe, odor free, non porous and a real pleasure to use.

It measures 5″ (12.5cm) in length, 4″ (10cm) in width and 4″ (10cm) in max circumference, 3″ (7.5cm) in min circumference. Insertable length is around 4″ (10cm).


Aneros deVICE

The DeVice is very soft to touch, I’m feeling a hint of dejavu here. But in addition to being velvety on the surface – it is very, very firm. For this toy however it seems to contribute to its strengths. I mentioned it is seamless but you can see the seams running along the sides. However, they are smooth and it is not possible to feel anything of them during use.

What surprised me while using the Aneros was how little lube is necessary for comfortable usage. It isn’t draggy at all – and insertion is super smooth, although the shape is somewhat bumpy. After the sphincter passes the two bulges it slides into place while the base rests against the perineum. It does fit very snugly, and oh my – this is the first toy that hit my prostate right after being stuffed up my butt. Honestly, this caught me by surprise as I am used to going on a kind of pin the tale game.

The Aneros sex toys are different from the other prostate massagers I have tried. It doesn’t rely on manual thrusting in the usual sense. Instead it works by clenching and relaxing the muscles down there. Each clench pulls the massager firmly in towards the prostate and when the muscles relax the pressure is reduced. I really though this were some bullshit, but it totally works! It is not enough to give me hands free orgasms (maybe one day!) – but it feels delicious. The direct stimulation paired with the just perfect filling sensation makes fireworks out of any masturbation session. It makes my orgasm double in power every time, and that usually ends with a great big mess.

Aneros deVICE

Other than this it can also be worn as a classic butt plug, as it will not fall out by itself. The drawback is that it is not too comfortable to sit on, with the base digging into the body. It can be used in every imaginable position, though I prefer to use it lying on my back. It can even be worn by the active party during anal sex.
Cleaning and Maintenance

This thing could not be easier to clean. It is enough to rinse with warm water and soap and finish off with a simple toy cleaner or a dab of bleach solution. Keep it in the box to avoid letting it collect all the dust in your home.


Aneros deserves serious cred for their packaging. It looks simply stunning while remaining tasteful and discreet. It has a flashy outer box with product info and cute mini prostate stimulators all over. Inside is a very sturdy red cardboard box, with a magnetic lid and nothing but a faint Aneros logo. The toy rests in a molded plastic tray, together with a quick start guide. It is perfect to use for long term storage.

Aneros Box

I was overall pleasantly surprised by the Aneros DeVice, it is my new favourite prostate massager. At first I was a bit worried about the firmness of it, but that’s actually a good thing. I love that it is comfortable to insert and to leave inside the butt. It has a perfect size and shape, and it finds my prostate with ease. It is so simple and easy to use, and it powers up my orgasms which is pretty spectacular. I feel that this would be great for anyone except total beginners. On the box it says the toy is intended for advanced users, but I believe anyone could enjoy this.

I imagine it will take some practice to manage a hands free orgasm, but not to worry. Practice has never felt so good.