LELO ORA 3 Review

I am always open to trying something different in the sex toy world, after all, i am pretty sure that I can’t be shocked any more than I have been over the last 3 years.

LELO had asked me to review the LELO ORA 3, which is an upgrade to the original ORA. Now, I haven’t reviewed the ORA, so I do not have a comparison to go by but I will try and give you as honest as a review that I can. But I am surprised that LELO have released a second version, as it’s only been about a year, or near to that, since the release of the ORA.

Made from 100% Silicone, Phthalate-Free and ABS Plastic for the inside ring of the ORA, it is silky smooth to the touch. My ORA 3 is a deep blue with a chrome ABS plating, it looks stylish and sleek.

Lelo Ora 3 Aqua Oral Sex Stimulator

The ORA comes with a satin dust cover bag, charger, lube, warranty and instructions manual.

To switch the ORA on, you have to hold the middle on/off button down for 3 seconds, as this takes it out of the travel mode. Once fully charged ( 1 hour charge gives you approx 2 hours worth of use), to turn on press the middle button and then the – button once and your dazzling clitoral teaser is ready to make it’s move. To move between the 10 different motions, you need to hold the middle button down and wait for the vibrations to change over. The – and + buttons will take you up and down the intensity of each vibration. To switch the ORA 3 off, simply press the middle button once and then press the + once.

There is a nub within the flat part of the ORA 3. It is supposed to replicate the feeling of oral sex but to me, it just looks like a ball-bearing going round and round.

The ORA 3 is 100% waterproof, so if a quickie in the bath is your thing, get cracking! Although, it is only waterproof for a depth of 1 meter, so no deep sea kinky play with this little beast.

Lelo Ora 3 Deep Rose Oral Sex Stimulator

Apparently, the ORA only had a tiny nub that customers were not happy with and it looks like this is the only thing that LELO has improved on.

LELO are currently all about touch sensations but I’m not sure I actually feel a difference, in use. Others may experience this unique new sensation but I just couldn’t get to grips with it.

The ORA 3 measures 3.3″ x 2.8″, the base where the nub is situated measures 2″x 1.5″.

To clean, it is pretty easy as this sex toy is 100% water proof, you could clean it in warm soapy water, dry it and then spray a sex toy anti-bacterial cleaner over the ORA 3.

In use: I am in two minds about the ORA, the vibrations were brilliant but the nub just felt useless. It sat on my clitoris, going round and round and round. I wondered if it was me not using the ORA 3 correctly or was it a simple fact that it just didn’t work for me?

Lelo Ora 3 Deep Midnight Blue Oral Sex Stimulator

I held it as the instruction booklet suggested, nope, did nothing. I went rogue and did it my own way, as I like to feel pressure LELO ORA 3 on my girlie parts. I held the nub against my clitoris, to what I like. Did it work? Pretty sure my vajajay was laughing at me and could imagine my body telling me “seriously? Just no!”

It isn’t the quietest sex toy either, between the buzzing and the nub swirling, I wouldn’t say it is discreet. OK, it’s not room shaking but it is a vibrator that I could hear from the other side of my door.

LELO state that the nub of the ORA is a supposed to simulate oral sex. I know I’ve had some pretty dyer experiences in my past but oral sex? I can’t see it, if I am honest. I do really like the LELO Alia, so I thought the Ora 3 would be on the same page, as the Alia. But I was wrong and felt like LELO really had missed the target with this clitoral stimulator.

I think the LELO ORA 3 isn’t a full loss, I think it may suit those who prefer a slower clitoral teasing stimulator sensation but with strong vibrations. If so, then yes the ORA 3 and the price is for you.